How Can I Facilitate an #AdjunctChat?

discussion #AdjunctChat meets each week on Tuesdays from 4:00-5:00pm EST, and we are always looking for somebody who wants to facilitate one of them. You do not need to be an expert, as #AdjunctChat involves the networked learning practice of discussing, supporting, and sharing together, rather than only presenting information.

You do not have to be an expert on the topic! All you need is to have an interest in something related to adjunct experiences and a desire to facilitate a discussion.

So, if you want to facilitate a session, contact us on Twitter via @AdjunctChat or  @JeffreyKeefer.

This is what you will need to do:

Before the Day of the AdjunctChat:

  1. Agree on a date for the discussion (see the openings on the #AdjunctChat Schedule to the right.
  2. Determine a topic that you either know something about or are curious about discussing.
  3. Send it and we will list it, along with your Twitter name, on the schedule.
  4. Write a blog post here on the #AdjunctChat site (we will give you rights to post it or will post it on your behalf) or on your own site and we will link to it.
  5. The post should mention something about the topic so people to know what to expect.
  6. Include a couple questions to help frame the discussion (using Q1, Q2, etc.).
  7. Share your topic, date, and time with your network–you probably already know some people who will want to talk about this!

On the Day of the AdjunctChat:

  1. Remind your network you will facilitate the chat today!
  2. We will send general reminders of your session to people in our #AdjunctChat network, and we will post a transcript to this site once the chat is finished.
  3. Welcome people and see who is there / what their connection to higher education is.
  4. Introduce your chat topic, perhaps with a some background, why you are interested in it, and the like.
  5. Tweet during the #AdjunctChat to welcome people, facilitate discussion on the topic, and  move us through the discussion questions to keep the chat going.
  6. Try not to control the conversation, but rather facilitate it by asking clarifying questions and engaging in it yourself as well.
  7. Enjoy your experience and contribution in helping adjuncts and their allies support one another with new ideas, experiences, resources, and connections.

In the spirit of our collaboration and networked learning, thanks @Comprof1 @Melissa_Venable  @IshaiBarnoy @fabianbanga and @Suz for your helpful feedback in formulating these steps.

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