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Transcript from #AdjunctChat on 10/29/13

Colouful speech bubblesThis is the transcript from #AdjunctChat on 10/29/13, and was facilitated by Jeffrey Keefer (@JeffreyKeefer).  The topic was What do we really know about being an adjunct in HE?

All are welcome to our next #AdjunctChat on 11/5/13 at 4:00pm EDT.

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@JeffreyKeefer It is nearly time for #adjunctchat! 10/29/2013 15:59:37
@Melissa_Venable Getting ready for #adjunctchat … join us? 10/29/2013 15:59:58
@JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat meets on Tuesdays from 4:00-4:30 10/29/2013 16:00:18
@fabianbanga I’m here #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:00:35
@JeffreyKeefer This week’s #adjunctchat will focus around the question “What do we really know about being an adjunct in HE?” 10/29/2013 16:00:50
@Comprof1 @SocAcademic @JeffreyKeefer @Melissa_Venable @VCVaile @katrinafee @fabianbanga @4KM You can always catch up after the 4 #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:01:20
@JeffreyKeefer Welcome to #adjunctchat! Who is out there? If you are not, all are welcome! 10/29/2013 16:01:22
@JeffreyKeefer @fabianbanga Nice to see you! #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:01:32
@fabianbanga Also at a workshop so little slow here #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:01:47
@JeffreyKeefer BTW, I am using to help me follow along with our 30 minute #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:01:56
@ProfessorF74 I’m here, too. Do we have TT jobs yet?  #AdjunctChat 10/29/2013 16:01:59
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Sounds interesting. Thought I’d do a little research before the #adjunctchat. Didn’t find much. 10/29/2013 16:02:06
@Melissa_Venable RT @JeffreyKeefer This week’s #adjunctchat will focus on “What do we really know about being an adjunct in HE?” 10/29/2013 16:02:32
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Exactly why it seems something worth discussing! #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:03:01
@JeffreyKeefer @ProfessorF74 TT? They still make those? 😉  #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:03:19
@therealchalo @JeffreyKeefer here! #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:03:41
@ProfessorF74 I think there’s one somewhere. Buried with the Lost Ark somewhere.
10/29/2013 16:03:57
@JeffreyKeefer @Melissa_Venable @Comprof1 @ProfessorF74 Welcome to #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:03:58
@Melissa_Venable @JeffreyKeefer 🙂 Thanks for organizing. #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:04:21
@JeffreyKeefer This week’s #adjunctchat topic is “What do we really know about being an adjunct in HE?” 10/29/2013 16:04:27
@JeffreyKeefer In looking around, I scratched my head about what we know, especially given all our talk about #adjunct issues #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:04:50
@ProfessorF74 What do I know? It’s hard work with little reward and not much officlal means of promotion. #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:05:10
@JeffreyKeefer By “what we know” I am thinking about something with research / evidence to support a wider scale than individual experience #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:05:30
@JeffreyKeefer @therealchalo Welcome! #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:05:42
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Seems like there are more questions than answers #adjunctchat But one figure I see thrown around is ave $2800 per course 10/29/2013 16:06:06
@JeffreyKeefer @ProfessorF74 Indeed, and from that perspective I wonder if we may need to consider this from a personal level of interest #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:06:07
@JeffreyKeefer There are 3 questions to help guide our #adjunctchat today . . . 10/29/2013 16:06:25
@JeffreyKeefer Q1 What are our issues / questions? #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:06:32
@JeffreyKeefer What do we want to know about the #adjunct experience that would be useful to find some evidence to explain or guide an agenda? #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:07:04
@PaulaKrebs It’s hard to know much, when institutions are reluctant to learn/reveal the full extent of dependence on adjuncts. #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:07:07
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer I also just read a report by chronicle of HE and tiaa criff. Only 3% of contingents have access to TT jobs. #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:07:54
@JeffreyKeefer Q1 @Comprof1 Perhaps one question is what is the average pay per course #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:08:06
@JeffreyKeefer @PaulaKrebs Welcome to #adjunctchat! 10/29/2013 16:08:14
@josh_boldt @JeffreyKeefer The trouble with this question is that the “adjunct experience” is so variable. #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:08:32
@fabianbanga @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer $3500 per c here in California (no much) #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:08:40
@JeffreyKeefer @PaulaKrebs Q1 Perhaps another question may involve issues of transparency and control? #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:08:40
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Interesting was report said it excluded adjuncts from study. #adjunctchat. didn’t explain why. Perhaps because no retirement? 10/29/2013 16:08:42
@Melissa_Venable A1) The word “expectations” comes to mind. What are we expecting? Students? Colleagues? Institutions? Pay is one part. #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:09:03
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 It seems then another issue for Q1 is about promotion and transition to TT or FT work? #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:09:16
@josh_boldt @JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 The Adjunct Project is a good place to start answering data ?’s like pay, etc. #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:09:51
@JeffreyKeefer Q1 @josh_boldt Welcome to #adjunctchat! Perhaps that is a question there, how similar are OR what is the range of the #adjunct experience? 10/29/2013 16:10:08
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer A1 problem is that it should depend on cost of living in area you live in. My area is lower COL & high %of Phd #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:10:13
@JeffreyKeefer RT @Comprof1: @JeffreyKeefer Interesting was report said it excluded adjuncts from study. #adjunctchat. didn’t explain why. Perhaps because… 10/29/2013 16:10:37
@ProfessorF74 @jeffreykeefer Big question is what (if any) promotion measures are woven into contracts. Mine has some, but it’s glacial. #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:11:01
@JeffreyKeefer Q1 It seems that trying to formulate the right questions to help shed light on the experience(s) may be helpful #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:11:24
@harmonygritz RT @Melissa_Venable: RT @JeffreyKeefer This week’s #adjunctchat will focus on “What do we really know about being an adjunct in HE?” http:/… 10/29/2013 16:11:52
@Comprof1 @josh_boldt @JeffreyKeefer Also, “pay” is variable. In my region some schools have same scale for all, others include benefits #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:12:09
@JeffreyKeefer I am trying to repeat as we go along; perhaps at the end we can get a volunteer to summarize some of these big-picture items? #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:12:14
@josh_boldt @JeffreyKeefer Ask 100 people and you will get 100 different answers. I like the idea though. #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:12:41
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer I’d like to know if there’s a difference in discipline. Seems like humanities are more dependent on adjuncts. #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:13:00
@JeffreyKeefer This week’s #adjunctchat focuses on “What do we really know about being an adjunct in HE?” All are welcome! Please RT 10/29/2013 16:13:07
@JeffreyKeefer @josh_boldt Q1 I think there is value in better understanding that diversity, as it may help us use terms more accurately #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:13:36
@ProfessorF74 @JeffreyKeefer I’ve tried to frame ??s with pieces for @Vitae & Hybrid Pedagogy. I’m starting a column on #adjuncts for IHE.  #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:13:52
@JeffreyKeefer Now that we are working on Q1 (and please continue it)!, let me throw out Q2 . . . #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:14:14
@JeffreyKeefer Q2 What have we done to answer them? #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:14:21
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Also, what credentials are required to be an adjunct? Alot of misconceptions out there about adjunct credentials #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:14:23
@JeffreyKeefer Q1 What are our issues / questions? . . . naturally leads to Q2 What have we done to answer them? #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:15:01
@JeffreyKeefer Q2 Perhaps not what HAVE we done, but what ARE WE DOING to answer these questions? #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:15:28
@ProfessorF74 @JeffreyKeefer 1) Pay equity 2) Promotion possibility 3) Openness from Admins about adjunct overuse. #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:15:40
@JeffreyKeefer @harmonygritz Welcome to #adjunctchat! 10/29/2013 16:15:44
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @josh_boldt Can we coin some terms? Career adj(main form of income). Clinical adjuncts (professional experts) #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:16:04
@josh_boldt @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Even that varies incredibly–from bachelor’s degree +no exp. to PhD with publications + exp. #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:16:05
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @josh_boldt Transitioning adjuncts (into TT with foot in research) #adjunctchat Administrator adjuncts (moonlight when needs) 10/29/2013 16:17:13
@JeffreyKeefer Q2 I wonder if gathering together in #adjunctchat or other forums to discuss these helps answer them / shed light on the #adjunct experience 10/29/2013 16:17:30
@therealchalo @JeffreyKeefer @JeffreyKeefer Q2 — Media Coverage/Exposure – we do this pretty well.  Direct Organizing – much more difficult! #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:17:45
@JeffreyKeefer Does anybody see Q1 leading to a various levels of a research stream, with Q2 some possible directions? #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:18:26
@therealchalo @ProfessorF74 @JeffreyKeefer I don’t think we’ll achieve three. More likely to get media coverage on overuse #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:18:45
@JeffreyKeefer Q2 I know there are some organizations / unions to assist this, though I wonder if they are not too local? #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:18:48
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Q2 this is easier. Many current studies out there now. Data isn’t in yet. Also may want to check out #cew2013 #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:19:10
@JeffreyKeefer Today’s #adjunctchat is taking place on Twitter around the tag or via or some other service. 10/29/2013 16:19:55
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Great. Q2 What is #cew2013? #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:20:15
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer CUNY & SUNY unions represent a large number of adjuncts #adjunctchat They’re just beginning to see importance of adjuncts 10/29/2013 16:20:22
@fabianbanga RT @JeffreyKeefer: Today’s #adjunctchat is taking place on Twitter around the tag or via or some other service. 10/29/2013 16:20:32
@JeffreyKeefer Q2 Seems like lots of things are taking place, though with the growing issue of #adjunct instruction, studies move slowly #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:21:08
@JeffreyKeefer In light of Q1 What are our issues / questions? and Q2 What have we done to answer them? . . . we naturally move to Q3 . . . #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:21:44
@JeffreyKeefer Q3 How can we create an agenda to move this forward? #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:21:53
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer What about in CA, and other public/private large universities? Is it the same outside of US? #adjunctchat Canada uses many 10/29/2013 16:21:55
@DrHepner Do adjuncts have a shot at unionization?  I get 30 adjunct applications a week. Adjuncts planning a union may not be resigned.  #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:22:31
@JeffreyKeefer Q3 Is this something we can help facilitate or does this need to happen in the traditional isolation of individual research? #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:22:37
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Campus Equity Week. Our union just notified us for 1st time but has been around since 2000. #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:23:01
@JeffreyKeefer Q3 I wonder if there are opportunities to collaborate on moving some of these issues into formal studies? #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:23:11
@therealchalo @JeffreyKeefer Ohio — some union support BUT  vital for adjuncts to organize indep. before we get/convince unions to support   #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:23:14
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Among goals is to establish minimum price per course at $5000 to ensure living wage for adjuncts/pt #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:23:51
@ProfessorF74 @DrHepner Unionization helps a lot. I’m part of SEIU at GW, and it’s been huge. Took a while to organize, but worth it. #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:24:11
@JeffreyKeefer Q3 Some of us here in #adjunctchat now are already working on these issues; can we leverage one another’s skills? 10/29/2013 16:24:14
@therealchalo @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Not the case in OH. Friction between FT faculty unions and Adjunct groups on the campus I focus on. #Adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:24:19
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner Welcome to #adjunctchat! 10/29/2013 16:24:24
@Comprof1 @therealchalo @JeffreyKeefer I agree. Our newest contract is a mess because they require furlough But adjuncts don’t have time. #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:25:16
@Comprof1 @therealchalo @JeffreyKeefer Therefore, they will need to either cut time off of each class or get “guest speakers” in for free #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:26:01
@DrHepner @ProfessorF74 No doubt a union will help.  Just wondering who will organize it with threats to reassignment.  #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:26:12
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 In a sense, I wonder if Q3 is about research (based on Q1) and practice (based on Q2)? #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:26:29
@therealchalo @ProfessorF74 @JeffreyKeefer Fantastic! We’ve gotten tons of OH media coverage-Admin doesnt want to discuss adjuncts when asked #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:26:50
@ProfessorF74 @DrHepner That’s the huge risk. Ours took several years + lots of resistance from admins. Some just took the chance. #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:27:29
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Need access to research money. Need to study impact on gen ed (and gen ed on adjuncts) #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:27:32
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Also need to know who may be concerned about adjuncts. If we are only ones concerned be hard to conduct research #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:28:19
@JeffreyKeefer As we come to the end of our 30-minute #adjunctchat (please reply ongoing / at any time!), what concrete action will you do as a next step? 10/29/2013 16:28:47
@JeffreyKeefer What take-aways do you have as a result of #adjunctchat today? 10/29/2013 16:29:09
@ProfessorF74 @JeffreyKeefer We’re stronger as a WE.
10/29/2013 16:29:28
@JeffreyKeefer RT @ProfessorF74: @JeffreyKeefer We’re stronger as a WE.
10/29/2013 16:29:45
@JeffreyKeefer No other take-aways from today’s #AdjunctChat?! 10/29/2013 16:30:38
@JeffreyKeefer Can we have a volunteer to summarize the main points from Q1, Q2, and Q3? #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:31:06
@DrHepner #adjunctchat  It’s risky to rock the boat 10/29/2013 16:31:12
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer One thing not addressed is why adjuncts continue despite poor pay, temporal, lge classes, lack of support #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:31:14
@JeffreyKeefer RT @DrHepner: #adjunctchat  It’s risky to rock the boat 10/29/2013 16:32:29
@JeffreyKeefer Thank you for the visit together and a most engaging #adjunctchat; the collaboration and sharing makes being an #adjunct viable. 10/29/2013 16:32:34
@therealchalo @ProfessorF74 Great! I think the public sympathizes with our story. Growing distrust of univ. practice given student debt #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:32:42
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat It helps for adjuncts to help themselves and start to gather information which can get media coverage. 10/29/2013 16:33:11
@JeffreyKeefer Please join us on for the next #AdjunctChat on Tues, Nov 5, 4:00-4:30pm EDT. Topic: “Participating in Conferences” led by @Comprof1 10/29/2013 16:33:31
@PatParslow @DrHepner A while back I decided one had to choose between living like a mouse or roaring like a lion. #raawr #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:34:00
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Also can use the information to present to administrators either in organizing unions or bringing issues up #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:34:01
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Perhaps we can use this forum for joint resch & to share research (not just anecdotes or personal experiences) #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:35:31
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat Did I forget anything? I know there was some much more elegant chatters today! 10/29/2013 16:36:14
@ProfessorF74 @JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Thank you as always Jeffrey for organizing #AdjunctChat. 10/29/2013 16:38:27
@melovell @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Australia’s @NTEUNational regularly publishes research on casual staff experience (equiv to adjunct). #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:39:31
@melovell @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Different industrial relations conditions of course but might be some use for methods, comparison. #adjunctchat 10/29/2013 16:41:41

AdjunctChat Topic on 10/29 – What do we know?

The topic for today’s AdjunctChat is:

What do we really know about being an adjunct in HE?

Many of us who are adjunct faculty in higher education know about our own experiences, but we know little beyond that (hey, we work alone much of the time with our classes!). Given the growth of the adjunct population, perhaps now is a time to consider what we know about the adjunct experience. These lead to research questions that may be worth discussing, not so much to answer here, but to consider a potential road map for next steps.

  • What are our issues / questions?
  • What have we done to answer them?
  • How can we create an agenda to move this forward?

We hope to ask questions here and organize some of our thinking, with the next steps seeing what we can do about all this. We hope you can join us.


Transcript from #AdjunctChat on 10/22/13

Colouful speech bubblesThis is the transcript from #AdjunctChat on 10/22/13, and was facilitated by Virginia Yonkers (@Comprof1).  The topic was Working with difficult students / student requests. We thank @Comprof1 for her time leading our discussion.

All are welcome to our next #AdjunctChat on 10/29/13 at 4:00pm EDT.

From User Text Time
@Comprof1 An overview of today’s #adjunctchat at 4PM EST (East Coast US). 10/22/2013 14:29:50
@Comprof1 RT @AdjunctChat: Today’s #AdjunctChat: 4:00-4:30pm EDT “Working with difficult students / student requests”; led by … 10/22/2013 14:47:06
@JeffreyKeefer @GracieG @NewFacMajority Too bad! You can always reply to whichever parts of the chat you want afterward! #AdjunctChat 10/22/2013 15:08:01
@raulpacheco RT @JeffreyKeefer: @josh_boldt @IshaiBarnoy @pannapacker @raulpacheco Hope you can join today’s #AdjunctChat at 4:00pm EDT! 10/22/2013 15:44:29
@Comprof1 An overview of today’s #adjunctchat at 4PM EST (East Coast US). … Starts in 15 minutes or there abouts. 10/22/2013 15:47:43
@Comprof1 #adjunctchat is about to start. Feel free to make your presence known! Don’t forget the #adjunctchat when you post. 10/22/2013 15:56:48
@JeffreyKeefer Connecting 2 the World: #Adjunctchat 10/22: Dealing with demanding student… 10/22/2013 15:58:33
@Comprof1 #adjunctchat Welcome to this week’s #adjunctchat. 10/22/2013 16:01:08
@AdjunctChat RT @Comprof1: #adjunctchat Welcome to this week’s #adjunctchat. 10/22/2013 16:01:45
@ShieldsMolly Happy Tuesday #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:01:57
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Thrilled you are able and willing to lead today’s #AdjunctChat! 10/22/2013 16:04:47
@Comprof1 To start #adjunctchat Q1 How, where, and when do you interact with students outside of the scheduled class period? 10/22/2013 16:04:51
@JeffreyKeefer @ShieldsMolly Welcome to #AdjunctChat 10/22/2013 16:05:02
@ShieldsMolly @JeffreyKeefer Thank you. It’s hit or miss each Tuesday, but glad to contribute. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:05:37
@Comprof1 @ShieldsMolly Glad to see you here. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:05:46
@JeffreyKeefer RT @Comprof1: To start #adjunctchat Q1 How, where, and when do you interact with students outside of the scheduled class period? 10/22/2013 16:06:20
@ShieldsMolly Individual student interaction outside of the classroom can be productive! *Email, twitter, blogs, etc. Opportunities abound #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:06:39
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Q1 I tend to work with my students a lot via email, and a bit less so via Twitter #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:06:53
@Comprof1 @ShieldsMolly Do you teach online or face to face? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:07:46
@JeffreyKeefer @ShieldsMolly Q1 Do you use all of them with your students? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:07:55
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Is it more convenient for you, for them, or for both? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:08:26
@ShieldsMolly @Comprof1 Both. Half f2f, half online. It’s a nice balance while I finish my doctorate. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:08:31
@4KM Hi – just rushing away from adjunct deadlines to join #adjunctchat 🙂 10/22/2013 16:08:57
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 More convenient in what way? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:09:22
@ShieldsMolly @JeffreyKeefer I give them the option. Most prefer email, but several like the fast replies via twitter #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:09:29
@4KM A1 I almost never have scheduled class periods.  Whenever, thorough whatever electronic media #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:09:35
@Melissa_Venable Hi #adjunctchat … Jumping in a little late. 10/22/2013 16:09:42
@JeffreyKeefer @4KM Great to see you! #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:10:15
@Comprof1 @ShieldsMolly @JeffreyKeefer Do you have offices where you could meet with your students? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:10:23
@JeffreyKeefer @Melissa_Venable Nice you could join us for #adjunctchat today! 10/22/2013 16:10:33
@4KM I have taught f2f and online; at present neither. I am a thesis co-ordinator and program head also doing some design wk #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:10:59
@Comprof1 @Melissa_Venable We’re just discussing how you interact with students outside of classtime. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:11:14
@DavidCRoberts #adjunctchat Q1 Twitter, email, in the Uni coffee shop, around the campus.  Early morning mostly, daytime, never late evening. 10/22/2013 16:11:57
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @ShieldsMolly No office; if I were to meet with students I would need to use the room before or after #AdjunctChat 10/22/2013 16:12:00
@4KM @Comprof1 I don’t have an office for meetings (except during short f2f courses). Use Collaborate to met at a distance #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:12:00
@Comprof1 @4KM Do you choose the media or do the students? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:12:05
@ShieldsMolly @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer I do – I hold hrs in our campus’ Writing Center. Doing so enforces writing support in the WC too #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:12:07
@4KM Hi Jeffrey! RT @JeffreyKeefer: @4KM Great to see you! #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:12:28
@JeffreyKeefer @ShieldsMolly @Comprof1 I used to teach exclusively online, though find I have limited space and quiet at home to do it now #AdjunctChat 10/22/2013 16:12:35
@Melissa_Venable A1) Email mostly. Some terms also through scheduled virtual office hours. (I teach online only.) #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:12:43
@Comprof1 @4KM So do you have an office? Do you have office hour requirements? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:12:59
@DavidCRoberts #adjunctchat oh and in the forums on the online courses 10/22/2013 16:13:05
@ShieldsMolly @JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Me too. Ironically, online required more work for me. I like the f2f comp, but not the politics. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:13:26
@4KM @Comprof1 We have Collaborate as a sort of standard for large group gatherings but they sometimes choose. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:13:37
@Melissa_Venable RT @AdjunctChat: Today’s #AdjunctChat is taking place now. The topic and questions may be found at @Comprof1’s blog 10/22/2013 16:14:39
@Comprof1 #adjunctchat So it seems that most don’t even have an opportunity/space to meet face to face if there is problem Different from tenure track 10/22/2013 16:15:32
@JeffreyKeefer @DavidCRoberts Welcome to #adjunctchat! 10/22/2013 16:15:45
@4KM @ShieldsMolly Institutional politics? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:16:02
@4KM @Comprof1 How about you?  Sorry if I missed that earlier. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:16:58
@ShieldsMolly @4KM Yes. Quite rampant. PT gives me the flexibility to pop on and off campus. Nice to not engage 🙂 I’m there for Ss only #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:16:58
@JeffreyKeefer @ShieldsMolly @Comprof1 I agree. The extra work and always-on of online or distance learning may make for a good future #AdjunctChat topic 10/22/2013 16:18:03
@Comprof1 Q2 What are some student demands you struggle with? How do you manage those demands? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:18:26
@JeffreyKeefer @ShieldsMolly @4KM What is Ss only? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:19:24
@Comprof1 @ShieldsMolly @4KM That’s an advantage we have over tenure track faculty! #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:19:48
@4KM @Comprof1 Diff from tenure track in some institutions. The two aren’t tightly coupled in my exp but no tenure in trad sense #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:19:55
@JeffreyKeefer @DavidCRoberts Do you find online forums good for anything beyond formal, class questions and assignments? #AdjunctChat 10/22/2013 16:20:54
@JeffreyKeefer RT @Comprof1: Q2 What are some student demands you struggle with? How do you manage those demands? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:21:14
@4KM A2 @Comprof1 Some “demands” reasonable but time-consuming, such as whether to choose a thesis route or how to write research Qs #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:21:24
@ShieldsMolly @JeffreyKeefer @4KM Students only (sorry). It’s nice to be there for them alone, no other commitments. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:21:56
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @DavidCRoberts #adjunctchat What happens if u have some delicate matter to discuss with a student? Do you use a private mode 10/22/2013 16:22:29
@4KM @Comprof1 Again, it depends on role I think. Administrative roles can be in the thick of difficult transitions, decisions etc. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:22:58
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 I think the biggest student demand I struggle with is the expectation that all work should get an A #AdjunctChat 10/22/2013 16:22:59
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Q2 Come to think of it, grade inflation is a major problem in the US #HE system #AdjunctChat 10/22/2013 16:23:34
@Comprof1 @4KM Can you prioritize or plan for the the “demands” when they come in? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:23:37
@AdjunctChat RT @Comprof1: Q2 What are some student demands you struggle with? How do you manage those demands? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:24:03
@4KM A2 Pressure for high grades can be difficult; work with that thru competency-based assessment. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:24:12
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer When I teach f2f I don’t allow grade discussions over the internet. Different for online. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:24:47
@4KM @Comprof1 If I were better at priority setting, I probably could! #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:25:00
@JeffreyKeefer @4KM I have always struggled with competency-based assessment, as learning is often not objectively assessed IMHO #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:25:37
@Comprof1 @4KM #adjunctchat It seems I get all my requests at the same time that I have papers due/to correct, etc… 10/22/2013 16:26:30
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Yes, grade discussions are rarely pleasant #AdjunctChat 10/22/2013 16:26:56
@Comprof1 #adjunctchat Q3 How do you manage problem/demanding students? How might this be different than a tenure track or a tenured professor? 10/22/2013 16:27:13
@4KM @Comprof1 What percentage of a “typical” work week is your adjunct work? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:27:45
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @4KM Alas, time prioritization is also quite challenging, and very fitting with today’s topic #AdjunctChat 10/22/2013 16:27:58
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer I’ve called students and asked for clarification/pop quiz over phone #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:28:08
@4KM @JeffreyKeefer Interesting. Say more?  Everything is subjective but I find it transparent and constructive. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:28:44
@JeffreyKeefer RT @Comprof1: @JeffreyKeefer I’ve called students and asked for clarification/pop quiz over phone #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:29:24
@ShieldsMolly @Comprof1 Students are confronted with patience and professionalism. It should be no different by adjunct or tenure. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:29:26
@Comprof1 @4KM About 50% depending on semester. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:30:01
@4KM @Comprof1 That’s interesting.  Is that when you suspect work may not be original? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:30:21
@JeffreyKeefer @4KM I think competency-based assessments are ok if there is skills-based tasks and we want repetitive quality #AdjunctChat 10/22/2013 16:30:27
@JeffreyKeefer @4KM Though competency-based assessments are focused on instructor objectives that rarely IMHO match leaner objectives  #AdjunctChat 10/22/2013 16:31:02
@4KM @Comprof1 So it could creep towards 100% at the same pay if you aren’t careful? Or is it that all 20 hrs need by Tues am? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:31:27
@Comprof1 @ShieldsMolly I’ve had difficulty with advisers. Students go to advisers to complain & advisers don’t contact me. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:31:31
@ShieldsMolly @Comprof1 I’ve had difficulty with other faculty, but it’s outside of my classroom. No concern to me. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:32:17
@4KM @JeffreyKeefer Hmmm. Wish we could go down the street for a coffee some time on this one. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:32:21
@Comprof1 @ShieldsMolly Assume I’m not available or go directly to Dept head because they know them. Tenure track has weekly meeting #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:32:36
@JeffreyKeefer @4KM Competency-based assessments tend to make learning cookie-cutter, not accounting for critical / transformative experiences #AdjunctChat 10/22/2013 16:32:41
@Comprof1 @4KM Some weeks (when 90 students in 2 classes) 100%. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:33:38
@ShieldsMolly @Comprof1 Weekly seems wasteful. No thanks. I maintain a good rep with DChair, and that helps. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:33:59
@Comprof1 @4KM Class size is real issue but I can’t choose class size. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:34:21
@4KM @Comprof1 That’s awkward. Do you get to know the advisors f2f? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:34:35
@4KM @Comprof1 Wow. I wouldn’t be as keen on competency based assessment in that situation.  #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:35:43
@Comprof1 @4KM I’m considered “outside” dept. in some dept. Those are hardest to deal w/ student problems. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:35:54
@4KM @Comprof1 Do you have to resort to things like multiple choice to get through? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:36:12
@Comprof1 @4KM Usually administrators are fair and know the deal (I’ve worked w/ them for long time). #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:36:39
@JeffreyKeefer @4KM Perhaps that can be the topic for a future #AdjunctChat? 😉 10/22/2013 16:37:05
@4KM @Comprof1 Those relationships built over time with lots of knowledge are so important. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:37:37
@Comprof1 @4KM I should, but I just can’t do so ethically. Do a lot of group projects so grading is easier. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:37:51
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Q3 Tenured faculty are immobile, so no concern at all for them. Students in that regard are stuck without options #AdjunctChat 10/22/2013 16:38:12
@4KM @JeffreyKeefer Grading or competency-based?  1st might appeal to lots of folks; 2nd seems relatively rare? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:38:31
@Comprof1 @4KM Also do a lot of in class assessment/feedback. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:38:45
@4KM @Comprof1 I’ve never gone to multiple choice, have had no pressure to do so, thank heavens.  #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:39:36
@Comprof1 Going to ask Q4 & 5 now. Q4 What support is available/should you ask for from the University in managing these demands? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:40:08
@4KM I missed Q3 (I’m just on hootsuite) #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:40:15
@Comprof1 Q5 How do you ensure a good reputation as an instructor while managing these demanding students/student demands? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:40:24
@JeffreyKeefer @4KM Perhaps one on Grading Issues or Assessment Strategies and Grading: Theory and Practice for Adjuncts #AdjunctChat 10/22/2013 16:41:08
@ShieldsMolly The lack of support for adjuncts is at the crux of the contingent-faculty debate. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:41:32
@Comprof1 @4KM #adjunctchat Q3 How do you manage problem/demanding students? How might this be different than a tenure track or a tenured professor? 10/22/2013 16:41:37
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Wow, reputation management is an #Adjunct challenge indeed #AdjunctChat 10/22/2013 16:42:11
@4KM @Comprof1 Thanks Virginia. Fortunate enough to wk w places where the lines are blurred; I can’t think of any differences. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:43:06
@Comprof1 @ShieldsMolly Actually, my current dept is good. I always give my dept head a heads up if there’s a potential problem. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:43:08
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Q5 I tend to focus on myself as enormous expectations and my classes as over-the-top challenging #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:43:24
@ShieldsMolly @JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Agree. I get creative with job title. Currently, I refer to myself as a ‘Visiting Instructor’. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:43:39
@Comprof1 @ShieldsMolly I’ve had dept head and dean sit in on contentious meetings with students. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:43:48
@JeffreyKeefer @ShieldsMolly I am not sure of what support I would want or expect other than what I have always had  #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:44:59
@thesiswhisperer RT @Comprof1: To start #adjunctchat Q1 How, where, and when do you interact with students outside of the scheduled class period? 10/22/2013 16:44:59
@Comprof1 @ShieldsMolly @JeffreyKeefer Good point. I make it a point to use “term instructor” so it’s known I’ve been there a while. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:45:21
@JeffreyKeefer @thesiswhisperer Welcome to #adjunctchat! Glad you can join us! 10/22/2013 16:45:51
@4KM A5 Trusting relationships; proactive convos w supervisors; visible evidence of quality; authenticity; confidence… #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:46:09
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @ShieldsMolly Which is? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:46:24
@ShieldsMolly @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer More support is always possible. Voice in admin changes (faculty senate), monetary equitability, etc. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:47:22
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @ShieldsMolly Sometimes I have trouble with Parents! #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:47:27
@Comprof1 RT @4KM: A5 Trusting relationships; proactive convos w supervisors; visible evidence of quality; authenticity; confidence… #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:47:45
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @ShieldsMolly I am not sure what sort of support I have (or don’t have); I usually feel I work in a knowledge vacuum #AdjunctChat 10/22/2013 16:48:12
@Comprof1 @4KM It’s very important to have proactive convos with dept heads/supervisors. Also helps to speak to coworkers. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:48:54
@thesiswhisperer @JeffreyKeefer #Adjunctchat looks interesting – just woke up though! Will read along with interest 🙂 10/22/2013 16:49:38
@Comprof1 @4KM I’ve found some students have a history of problems with all instructors (not just adjunct). #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:49:42
@JeffreyKeefer @ShieldsMolly @Comprof1 I am not sure if there is any #adjunct voice in admin issues, we are part-time temp without commitment #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:49:59
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @4KM It is very rare I ever even meet #adjunct co-workers #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:50:42
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @ShieldsMolly Do you work mostly with adult/grad students? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:50:43
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @ShieldsMolly Depends on the dept. What about absences? Grade disputes? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:51:53
@JeffreyKeefer @thesiswhisperer and good reading to you! We started to meet weekly and track our #AdjunctChat specs 10/22/2013 16:52:28
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @ShieldsMolly I work entirely with graduate and doctoral students #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:52:59
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @4KM Hmmm I guess I’ve been lucky. Even when teaching 100% online we had semester meeting for all dept. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:53:06
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @ShieldsMolly I tried continuing over the years, and managed to complete one undergraduate course #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:53:41
@4KM I am still interested in variation across universities, but perhaps healthy innovations might be judged the wrong way by some #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:53:55
@ShieldsMolly @JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 all of my students are undergrads. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:54:19
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @4KM The departments are trying to do that, though #adjuncts are not always paid for dept meetings #AdjunctChat 10/22/2013 16:54:21
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @ShieldsMolly So perhaps not so many problems. My worst experience w/ difficult student was online grad course #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:54:24
@4KM I provide some opportunities for adjuncts to connect; some grab them and some don’t #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:54:49
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @ShieldsMolly Well, we should maybe wrap up. I think we need an hour for the #adjunctchat. 1/2 seems too short. 10/22/2013 16:55:05
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @ShieldsMolly So any take aways from the chat? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:55:37
@4KM Heard of terrible difficulties w online grad students at another U; so glad I haven’t had those. Admin supported adjunct #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:56:11
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @4KM Ours did it with a free dinner! #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:56:35
@ShieldsMolly @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Problems may/may not be unique, but approaches should be the same. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:56:37
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @ShieldsMolly Indeed, an hour was the initial plan, though we have tried 30 minutes as we now meet weekly #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:56:43
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @ShieldsMolly We can always revisit that. Much will depend on if we can get others to consent to facilitate #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:57:09
@Comprof1 @4KM Had a student threatening other students online, outside of LMS space. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:57:54
@4KM Thanks everyone; good to connect. As many Qs as As #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:58:19
@JeffreyKeefer As we start to wrap up this week’s #AdjunctChat can we ask for volunteers to facilitate a future Tuesday 4:0opm EDT session / topic? 10/22/2013 16:58:34
@Comprof1 @ShieldsMolly @JeffreyKeefer Which approaches do you think are most valuable? #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:58:58
@ShieldsMolly Thank you @comprof1 for facilitating! Tues are hit or miss for me, but I appreciate your time! #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:59:02
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @ShieldsMolly I think it may be useful to consider what basic vs. “ideal” #adjunct support may look like #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 16:59:27
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @ShieldsMolly I also see lots of research opportunities to better understand teh #adjunct experiences #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 17:00:01
@JeffreyKeefer Thank you, @Comprof1 for facilitating today’s #AdjunctChat; this was a wonderful discussion! 10/22/2013 17:01:26
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer I can’t do it next week, but I can do it again the week after. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 17:01:44
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Great; thanks! We will put you down for  #adjunctchat on Tuesday, Nov 5. Let me know the topic for 10/22/2013 17:03:11
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer For anyone who couldn’t make the live chat, it would be interesting to hear your feedback during the week. #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 17:04:16
@AdjunctChat Any volunteers to facilitate #adjunctchat on Tuesday, October 29, from 4:00-4:30pm EDT? 10/22/2013 17:04:36
@JeffreyKeefer Thanks again @Comprof1 for facilitating today and your thoughtful writing on this topic #adjunctchat 10/22/2013 17:06:16
@JeffreyKeefer Thanks everybody. See you all online! #AdjunctChat 10/22/2013 17:06:41
@Comprof1 A timely article about contingent faculty that was just sent to me #adjunctchat Should I try to get them as guests? 10/22/2013 17:55:37
@Comprof1 @fulwilerm I’m part of #adjunctchat where we discuss issues about adjuncts Tues at 4. Would u be willing to be a guest to speak of ur film? 10/22/2013 17:58:19

Topic for Today’s #AdjunctChat on 10/22/13

Today’s #AdjunctChat will take place from 4:00-4:30pm EDT, and will be led by Virginia Yonkers (@Comprof1).  The topic is:

Working with difficult students / student requests

We welcome all adjunct, part-time, casual, temporary, visiting, and non-tenure track higher education faculty and instructors, along with their allies, supporters, and friends to attend our ongoing chats.

Brainstormed Suggestions for AdjunctChat

Last week’s AdjunctChat was the first one on the new Tuesdays 4:00-4:30pm EDT 30-minute, weekly format, and it was one of the more engaging ones we have had in some time. Part of what made it so interesting was the affirmation of how this can be a valuable forum, along with a number of suggestions for next steps.

Thanks to Virginia Yonkers (@Comprof1) for gathering this list of suggestions for helping AdjunctChat to be an even more useful experiences. I added a couple others extracted from the transcript as well:

    1. weekly is better and more predictable
    2. balance between practice and issues
    3. possible research partners
    4. perhaps research on adjuncts (perhaps the Chronicle is working on this? Delphi Project, NFM Foundation, etc. doing #adjunct research)
    5. guest speakers/spec topics with resources
    6. consolidate platforms (chat transcript (very important for those who can’t make it live), AutoTweet link thruout the week, blog, perhaps Twitter account just for #adjunctchat)
    7. maybe next post with a brief lead-in/explanation for context
    8. takes time to grow community
    9. next week, invite/bring a friend to the chat

With this said, onward and upward, starting with the *NEW* AdjunctChat Twitter account!

Transcript from #AdjunctChat on 10/15/13

This is the transcript from today’s #AdjunctChat. The initial topic What needs can #AdjunctChat fulfill? What can we do to improve it? and became an opportunity to share ideas, suggestions, and resources. A tremendous amount of energy for the newly scheduled 30 minute, weekly format.

From User Text Time
@Comprof1 #adjunctchat starts in about 10 minutes. What can we do to help support adjuncts/contingent faculty? #acwri #highered all wecome 10/15/2013 15:52:13
@JeffreyKeefer Nearly time for #AdjunctChat! 10/15/2013 15:58:05
@GradCaucus RT @JeffreyKeefer: Nearly time for #AdjunctChat! 10/15/2013 15:58:44
@JeffreyKeefer While there are lots of tools to follow Twitter chats with, I plan to use for it today #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 15:59:31
@OnColleges Join us? RT @JeffreyKeefer Nearly time for #AdjunctChat! 10/15/2013 15:59:34
@JeffreyKeefer For anybody who wants to join #adjunctchat today on our new day, time, and 30 minute format, an overview is at 10/15/2013 16:00:32
@JeffreyKeefer Welcome to #adjunctchat, an opportunity for #adjunct instructors in #HigherEd to discuss issues of interest and support of non-TT faculty. 10/15/2013 16:01:55
@JeffreyKeefer Anybody want to say hello here at the start? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:02:29
@Melissa_Venable Join us? Starting now … RT @JeffreyKeefer Nearly time for #AdjunctChat! 10/15/2013 16:02:46
@JeffreyKeefer Welcome @Melissa_Venable! #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:03:42
@Melissa_Venable @JeffreyKeefer Hi Jeffrey! #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:04:15
@JeffreyKeefer @Melissa_Venable I like your new avatar; reminds me I need to update mine as well!  #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:04:25
@Comprof1 #adjunctchat I’m here. Just signing into the twub. BTW, my “B” key is not working so excuse typos w/ missing b’s 10/15/2013 16:04:27
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Welcome to #adjunctchat! Nice to see you as well! 10/15/2013 16:04:49
@Melissa_Venable @JeffreyKeefer Thank you! It had been a loooong time since I updated. #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:05:07
@VCVaile good afternoon all…checking into #adjunctchat from rural NM (while multi-tasking) 10/15/2013 16:05:08
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 The best to you with the B’s. I suppose everybody gets an “A” ;-)!!  #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:05:16
@JeffreyKeefer @Melissa_Venable Yes, and I now have short Dreadlocks, so it has been some time!!  #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:05:43
@JeffreyKeefer @VCVaile Welcome; great to see you (and your fine state!)! #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:05:59
@Comprof1 #adjunctchat Should we introduce ourselves? I’m a term  professor (>4 yrs so I get a yr contract) in Upstate NY. Teach in multiple dept 10/15/2013 16:06:16
@JeffreyKeefer Today is #adjunctchat’s return to its Tuesday at 4:00 roots, so hope this works for people. 10/15/2013 16:06:29
@VCVaile @AnaMFores: come join us for #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:06:51
@JeffreyKeefer Today is also the first time we are trying for a more focused (shorter) #adjunctchat, namely 30 minutes instead of the hour chats. 10/15/2013 16:07:01
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Sounds great! Where is everybody from? What do you teach? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:07:30
@4KM I’m here; just setting up in another tool. #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:07:41
@JeffreyKeefer I am in New York City and I teach at @NYUSCPS where I teach graduate MS-level Research Process and Methodology #adjunctchat #SCPSRPM 10/15/2013 16:08:51
@JeffreyKeefer @4KM Welcome! #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:08:59
@Melissa_Venable I am in SC, P/T online instructor (instructional design and technology) #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:09:03
@JeffreyKeefer @Melissa_Venable Your teaching seems a dream position! #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:09:31
@Comprof1 #adjunctchat How long have you been teaching Melissa? 10/15/2013 16:09:41
@JeffreyKeefer For anybody who wishes to join us, #adjunctchat is meeting now 10/15/2013 16:09:55
@Melissa_Venable @JeffreyKeefer Really?! I do enjoy it, but as with everything, presents some challenges. #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:10:08
@NewFacMajority RT @JeffreyKeefer: For anybody who wishes to join us, #adjunctchat is meeting now 10/15/2013 16:10:16
@Melissa_Venable @Comprof1 Going on three years. 🙂  #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:10:30
@JeffreyKeefer @Melissa_Venable I can imagine. I have studied and taught via distance, though have recently enjoyed the 6 hours/week F2F #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:10:50
@Comprof1 #adjunctchat Do you work at home? Is the school you teach at in SC? 10/15/2013 16:11:19
@4KM Current role: program head at Royal Roads U.  Also supervise theses and major projects there & visiting scholar elsewhere. #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:11:37
@Melissa_Venable @Comprof1 I do work from home, and currently teach for two universities in FL #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:11:44
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer  #adjunctchat Sometimes I think f2f is less time intensive 10/15/2013 16:12:05
@Comprof1 @4KM  #adjunctchat Are you full time or part time? 10/15/2013 16:12:45
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 I used to think so, though I think a lot depends on the content and context. I find it easier with Research #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:12:51
@JeffreyKeefer @4KM That sounds like really interesting work. What brought you to it? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:13:22
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer I always felt more “on call” when teaching online #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:13:23
@4KM @Comprof1 Hello Virginia.  I am part time and the thesis work is in addition. #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:13:46
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 I find I am nearly always “on-call” with my students, regardless of the instructional modality #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:14:19
@Melissa_Venable @Comprof1 @jeffreykeefer Some weeks definitely have an “on call” feel, but scheduling helps. #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:14:36
@4KM @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat Yes, the feeling (f2f vs. on call) is very different. 10/15/2013 16:14:43
@Comprof1 @4KM That seems a lot of work #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:15:26
@JeffreyKeefer It is so nice to see all of you for #adjunctchat this week! 10/15/2013 16:15:26
@JeffreyKeefer One of the issues that has come up recently is how viable is #adjunctchat for an ongoing chat? 10/15/2013 16:16:03
@JeffreyKeefer In other words, what needs can #AdjunctChat fulfill? 10/15/2013 16:16:22
@4KM Most of my work is with a U where “blended” came early (95) F2F is almost 24/7 but compressed so potentially more energizing #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:16:50
@Comprof1 @Melissa_Venable @JeffreyKeefer Do you ever feel isolated from your campus? Do they do anything to include mobile faculty? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:16:57
@JeffreyKeefer Along the same topic, if #adjunctchat is something that should continue, what can we do to improve it so it continues to meet needs or help? 10/15/2013 16:17:02
@Melissa_Venable RT @JeffreyKeefer In other words, what needs can #AdjunctChat fulfill? 10/15/2013 16:17:10
@4KM @Comprof1 Yes – a lot of work.  But still a young, somewhat small program in learning and tech, so manageable for now #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:17:58
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer I think there are definitely issues (such as isolation) which can be addressed here. #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:18:24
@VCVaile Taught swimming, riding, comparative lit, Spanish, composition, developmental/basic writing, ESL, GED…30+ years
10/15/2013 16:18:29
@4KM @JeffreyKeefer Takes a while to get things going. Like what you’re trying to do canvassing topics etc. Framing posts often help #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:19:02
@Melissa_Venable RT @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer I think there are definitely issues (such as isolation) which can be addressed here. #adjunctchat <-agreed! 10/15/2013 16:19:36
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer I think having it once a week will help.  Also, anyone should use it if they have questions anytime during week. #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:20:03
@4KM @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Find status Qs interesting. Are adjuncts marginalized or esteemed scholar-practitioners of the future? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:20:16
@VCVaile it’s a work in progress…thinking rhizomatic, we can shape…not determine 100% but can identify needs, gaps #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:20:24
@VCVaile @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer I agree about weekly…will be easier to remember & get on schedule too #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:21:11
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer One thing I think contingent faculty are afraid of is that comments might be taken out of context. #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:21:35
@JeffreyKeefer RT @Comprof1: @JeffreyKeefer One thing I think contingent faculty are afraid of is that comments might be taken out of context. #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:22:41
@JeffreyKeefer RT @VCVaile: @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer I agree about weekly…will be easier to remember & get on schedule too #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:22:46
@JeffreyKeefer RT @VCVaile: it’s a work in progress…thinking rhizomatic, we can shape…not determine 100% but can identify needs, gaps #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:22:50
@Comprof1 @4KM @JeffreyKeefer I think a combination of “issues” and “best practice” discussions would be good.  #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:22:55
@VCVaile @Melissa_Venable @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Imo isolation & insufficient support are major issues #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:23:13
@JeffreyKeefer These are all useful suggestions for #adjunctchat. I agree a simpler regularity makes it more doable. 10/15/2013 16:23:46
@Melissa_Venable @JeffreyKeefer Could be a good place to share the experience, learn abt what others are doing…maybe even spark collaboration #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:23:57
@JeffreyKeefer RT @Comprof1: @4KM @JeffreyKeefer I think a combination of “issues” and “best practice” discussions would be good.  #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:24:08
@Comprof1 @4KM @JeffreyKeefer Also, maybe limit each week topic choice to 5 + Other for polls #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:24:17
@4KM @JeffreyKeefer Came into wk through a lot of experience at the U and knowledge mgmt bkgd, which relates somewhat to content #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:24:19
@VCVaile about comments & context: open w/ statement/caveat on context, RT during conversation #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:24:49
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Regarding suggestions and best practices, perhaps we can have guest facilitators on topics + article discussions #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:25:15
@4KM @Melissa_Venable @JeffreyKeefer Have been thinking about collaboration. Perhaps an advocacy streak or research interests. #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:25:51
@JeffreyKeefer We may want to have some facilitated discussions around research, online, or best practice articles of topical interest #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:25:58
@4KM @JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 We could even “start” with basics about what adjunct means in diff places #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:26:31
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer I participated in #lingchat which had one of the experts in sociolinguists as guest #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:26:47
@Jessisreading80 #adjunctchat 4th yr teaching, pt PhD finishing soonish. Discovering the precarity of short term contracts but loving the job. 10/15/2013 16:26:57
@Melissa_Venable @4KM Really like the research angle, also other writing opportunities.  #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:26:59
@JeffreyKeefer @4KM @Melissa_Venable Can you talk more about what you have in mind? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:27:00
@JeffreyKeefer @Melissa_Venable How can this translate into planning 2-3 weeks out so people will know what to expect? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:27:32
@JeffreyKeefer @Melissa_Venable Can you think of any ways this can be fostered or helped along? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:27:58
@Comprof1 @Jessisreading80 Welcome Jessica. What and where do you teach? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:28:12
@4KM @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Fabulous! #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:28:23
@Melissa_Venable @JeffreyKeefer I think start with shared areas of research interest – develop collection of ideas, resources. See what develops #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:28:35
@ShieldsMolly Lurking while sitting in a meeting. Love the discourse going on regarding important cont. fac. #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:28:35
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @4KM Perhaps even a poll for some topics but others discussed around research or practice articles? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:28:40
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @Melissa_Venable I think #ecrchat has a schedule on a blog site.  Does #adjunctchat have a blog site? Might be helpful. 10/15/2013 16:29:23
@4KM @Melissa_Venable Adjuncts–explicitly talking about themselves as such–seem almost absent in the literature. #adjunctchat #highered 10/15/2013 16:29:26
@Melissa_Venable @JeffreyKeefer Short chats could help us even see what is possible re:research, what others are doing, want to do-share advice #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:29:59
@JeffreyKeefer We have some people who write about #adjunct issues for@chronicle @insidehighered @chroniclevitae who may want to discuss them #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:30:13
@VCVaile depending on topic and/or there is a guest facilitator, post recommended reading links #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:30:30
@4KM Too many free writing projects on the go, but phenomenographic study of how adjuncts understand their work would be fascinating #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:30:37
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @Melissa_Venable Yes, the #adjunctchat blog is 10/15/2013 16:31:07
@VCVaile @4KM that suggests #adjunct work is a unified field #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:31:16
@4KM I think one of the Qs is do we want to learn? Do? Both? What do those look like? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:31:20
@Comprof1 RT @4KM: @Melissa_Venable Adjuncts–explicitly talking about themselves as such–seem almost absent in the literature. #adjunctchat #higher… 10/15/2013 16:31:20
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @Melissa_Venable I can give any of you access to write on if you want to contribute #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:31:58
@Melissa_Venable RT @4KM I think one of the Qs is do we want to learn? Do? Both? What do those look like? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:32:02
@JeffreyKeefer RT @4KM I think one of the Qs is do we want to learn? Do? Both? What do those look like? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:32:13
@VCVaile @Comprof1 @4KM @Melissa_Venable really? but what #adjunct narrative, which have become quite common? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:32:24
@JeffreyKeefer RT @4KM: I think one of the Qs is do we want to learn? Do? Both? What do those look like? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:32:31
@4KM Might alternate? Roundtable updates/successes and ideas for follow-thru. Problem-solve w one person as focus? Guests? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:32:45
@JeffreyKeefer RT @VCVaile: @4KM that suggests #adjunct work is a unified field #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:32:47
@JeffreyKeefer @4KM I think that is a great idea. I have been tossing around some similar notions, but have not been able to focus on it yet #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:33:23
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @Melissa_Venable Jeffrey, maybe we should have an #adjunctchat twitter account with the info to the blog. 10/15/2013 16:33:27
@JeffreyKeefer @4KM Perhaps some of us can consider collaborating on some #adjunct based research? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:33:48
@4KM @VCVaile Sorry – what suggests that? I don’t think of it as unified at all so didn’t mean to convey that #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:34:14
@VCVaile @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @Melissa_Venable syndicate blog to auto-post to @adjunctchat (or whatever) #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:34:42
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @Melissa_Venable Great idea! I have that, though have not used it. Perhaps it may help? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:34:46
@4KM @JeffreyKeefer I might jump in depending on topic and funding. #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:35:06
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @4KM Maybe an adjunct “day” where we have people blog about adjuncting so the diversity is shown. #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:35:11
@VCVaile @4KM that was my impression…if not, then just chalk it up to senile dementia #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:35:34
@Melissa_Venable RT @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @4KM Maybe an adjunct “day” where we have people blog about adjuncting so the diversity is shown. #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:35:59
@VCVaile @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @4KM like a blog carnival? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:36:03
@JeffreyKeefer These are all such wonderful suggestions, everybody! Phew!! Can somebody help to summarize them? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:36:03
@4KM @JeffreyKeefer Do we have a chat transcript somewhere? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:37:17
@Comprof1 @VCVaile @JeffreyKeefer @4KM Yes, but after, post link on #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:37:45
@JeffreyKeefer Well, everybody, I need to move on to a teaching commitment and really appreciate and value all the goodwill and suggestions #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:38:19
@JeffreyKeefer @4KM Yes, I have it going to a spreadsheet #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:38:37
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer 1) weekly is better and more predictable 2) balance between practice and issues 3) possible research partners #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:38:56
@Melissa_Venable @JeffreyKeefer Thanks for leading an interesting conversation! Lots of future topic possibilities. 🙂 #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:39:10
@VCVaile @JeffreyKeefer about the blog, besides guest posts, why not throw a question out p’haps from here to discuss on comments? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:39:22
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 I will upload it to the blog later tonight. The archive will be similar in form to #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:39:25
@Melissa_Venable @Comprof1 Well done! 🙂 Good summary of ideas. #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:39:59
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer 4) Perhaps research on adjuncts (think chronicle’s working on this) 5) guest speakers/spec topics with resources #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:40:31
@JeffreyKeefer Thanks everybody! Feel free to continue the conversations as #adjunctchat is always open and you are all great facilitators. More tonight… 10/15/2013 16:40:44
@ShieldsMolly Great ideas all – I’m willing to contribute too. Sorry for the lurking. Meetings 😦  #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:41:05
@Jessisreading80 @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer thank you! 1 hr next time? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:41:06
@JeffreyKeefer @VCVaile Great idea! When I post the transcript, shall I put it on it or the next post with the reference to it? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:41:26
@4KM Thanks @JeffreyKeefer and everyone who joined #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:41:33
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer 6) Consolidate platforms (blog, autotweets, perhaps twitter account just for #adjunctchat) 7) takes time to grow community 10/15/2013 16:41:41
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Oh, and add to 6) chat transcript (very important for those who can’t make it live) Autotweet link thruout week? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:43:07
@VCVaile @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer not just @Chronicle…Delphi Project, NFM Foundation & others doing #adjunct research #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:44:01
@Comprof1 #adjunctchat Next week, invite/bring a friend to the chat! 10/15/2013 16:44:49
@Comprof1 @VCVaile @JeffreyKeefer @chronicle Good to know. do you have any links? #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:45:35
@VCVaile @JeffreyKeefer either but maybe next post with a brief lead-in/explanation for context #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:45:41
@Melissa_Venable RT @Comprof1 #adjunctchat Next week, invite/bring a friend to the chat! 10/15/2013 16:46:09
@VCVaile I’ll post the transcript link to NFM timeline or one of our blogs too, #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 16:47:12
@rjhogue How does research work as an Adjunct, or do you mostly just teach? #adjunctchat I’m thinking about where my career might take me 10/15/2013 17:02:55
@4KM @rjhogue Hi Rebecca; the chat has officially wrapped up but noticed your tweet. In general, you’re on your own for research #adjunctchat 10/15/2013 17:07:32

#AdjunctChat = Today (Tues – 10/15 – 4:00-4:30pm EDT)

Twitter_ChatToday’s #AdjunctChat will be the first one with some of the format changes we have been talking about

  • We are going back to our original home on Tuesdays at 4:00pm EDT
  • We will meet for 30 minutes and not 60

With this said, today’s topic will be:

What needs can #AdjunctChat fulfill? What can we do to improve it?


Let’s adapt this topic depending on how well it goes and unless anything more pressing comes up.

All adjunct / part-time / non-permanent / temporary / sessional / non-tenured higher education faculty are welcome (along with their allies!!). Please forward this to anybody you think will be interested in it!

Ideas for #AdjunctChat’s Next Steps

small_ideaSome of our recent #AdjunctChat chats have been a bit limited, and while this may be due to semester scheduling, areas of discussion, the processes for selecting discussion topics, world events, the flu, and a myriad of other reasons, one thing above all calls for it to be a topic of discussion–what viable options exist for it to continue?

I started #AdjunctChat as an opportunity for adjunct instructors to come together at a set time to discuss areas of shared interest and resources, due in large part because I had a need for such a community. While many of my needs were met, along with those of some participants over the period, recently it seems there has been less interest in it happening in a formalized manner (perhaps because the issue is becoming more of an official topic / issue / problem in higher education itself) or people have been busy, etc. With this said, I am wondering what ongoing needs it may have or if it fills a void in anybody’s ongoing development and adjunct teaching work. In other words, shall we continue it?

I recently reached out to a number of people who have engaged with it before, and will see what the larger community wants or needs. Perhaps 30 minutes weekly would be easier than 60 minutes biweekly? Let’s see if 4:00-4:30pm EDT on Tuesdays would work. Feedback is really requested on this one.

One thing is certain from this experience; I have learned a lot about how these things work, along with meeting many really wonderful and interesting people along the way. Glad at least I can find some value in all this, especially as it is a voluntary contribution in time and resources that are on top of my work and teaching and studies. Feedback and suggestions are most welcome, either here or via Twitter.