#AdjunctChat July 22 ~ Needs / Expectations for Activist Contingent Gatherings (@slicksean @PrecariousFac @VCVaile)

Twitter_ChatThe topic for the #AdjunctChat on Tuesday, July 22 at 4:00pm EDT is:

Needs / Expectations for Activist Contingent Gatherings: #cocalXI #altCOCAL

Are you thinking about attending COCAL XI in New York City in August, 2014? With a conference theme “Shaping an Equitable & Democratic Future For Higher Education—The Way Forward,” we have to wonder about what you need or want from such an event. That is the focus of this #AdjunctChat.

The chat will be led and facilitated by @slicksean, @PrecariousFac , and @VCVaile.

Our discussion will focus on these questions:

Q1: Are you planning to attend #cocalXI? #AdjunctChat #altCOCAL

Q2: If you plan to attend #cocalXI what do you want or expect? #AdjunctChat #altCOCAL

Q3: If you do not plan to attend #cocalXI why not? #AdjunctChat #altCOCAL

Q4: What are some next steps for activist adjuncts? #cocalXI #AdjunctChat #altCOCAL

All adjunct, contingent, part-time, visiting, casual, and non-tenure track instructors, along with their allies and friends in higher education, are welcome to #AdjunctChat on Tuesday, July 22, from 4:00-5:00pm EDT.

Even if you do not readily fit into the above, #AdjunctChat is open to all! The more perspectives, the better we all learn with and from one another.

Can’t make it during the live 1-hour chat?
Post any time during the day about it
to add to and engage with the conversation.

Want to facilitate an #AdjunctChat? You do not have to be an expert on the topic, but rather have an interest in something related to adjunct experiences with a desire to facilitate a live Twitter chat. More information about it may be found at How Can I Facilitate an #AdjunctChat?

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