#AdjunctChat Sept 16 ~ “What’s Next for #AdjunctChat?” (@JeffreyKeefer)

Twitter_ChatThe topic for the #AdjunctChat on Tuesday, September 16 at 4:00pm EDT is:

What’s Next for #AdjunctChat?

Like every community with its ebbs and flows, those who engage with #AdjunctChat also need to explore what is working, what can be improved, and where we should go next. The beginning of the school year is a perfect opportunity for this.

The chat will be led and facilitated by @JeffreyKeefer and will be guided by these questions:

Q1 What works well for those engaging with #AdjunctChat?

Q2 What can we do to improve it? #AdjunctChat

Q3 What next steps can we take for this to happen? #AdjunctChat

All adjunct, contingent, part-time, visiting, casual, and non-tenure track instructors, along with their allies and friends in higher education, are welcome to #AdjunctChat on Tuesday, September 16, from 4:00-5:00pm EDT. Even if you do not readily fit into the above, #AdjunctChat is open to all! The more perspectives, the better we all learn with and from one another.

If you cannot make the synchronous chat, please share your answers to the discussion questions any time during the day and tag with #AdjunctChat.


Can’t make it during the live 1-hour chat?
Post any time during the day
with the #AdjunctChat tag
to add to and engage with the conversation.

Want to facilitate an #AdjunctChat? You do not have to be an expert on the topic, but rather have an interest in something related to adjunct experiences with a desire to facilitate a live Twitter chat. More information about it may be found at How Can I Facilitate an #AdjunctChat?

5 thoughts on “#AdjunctChat Sept 16 ~ “What’s Next for #AdjunctChat?” (@JeffreyKeefer)

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