#AdjunctChat Sept 2 ~ “What are you doing this year to keep your teaching fresh?” (@JeffreyKeefer)

Twitter_ChatThe topic for the #AdjunctChat on Tuesday, September 2 at 4:00pm EDT is:

What are you doing this year to keep your teaching fresh?

September is often considered back to school time, even for those of us who may teach odd schedules or all year long. Out with the old, and in with the new!

Have you taught the same classes before but want to do something new or different, even if it is just to maintain your own interests and passions (not to mention to meet the ever changing needs of our college-age or adult learners)? This #AdjunctChat may just be what you need to share what you are doing or try to pick up something new. Hey, even just chatting with other adjuncts at the beginning of September may just help us to not feel so . . . alone.

The chat will be led and facilitated by @JeffreyKeefer and will be guided by these questions:

Q1 What are you teaching in the fall semester? #AdjunctChat

Q2 Have you taught this before? If so, how often? #AdjunctChat

Q3 Where do you look for new or different ideas to teach? #AdjunctChat

Q4 What new things are you hoping to try in your courses this semester? #AdjunctChat

Q5 How will you determine if they are successful? #AdjunctChat

All adjunct, contingent, part-time, visiting, casual, and non-tenure track instructors, along with their allies and friends in higher education, are welcome to #AdjunctChat on Tuesday, September 2, from 4:00-5:00pm EDT.

Even if you do not readily fit into the above, #AdjunctChat is open to all! The more perspectives, the better we all learn with and from one another.

Can’t make it during the live 1-hour chat?
Post any time during the day about it
to add to and engage with the conversation.

Want to facilitate an #AdjunctChat? You do not have to be an expert on the topic, but rather have an interest in something related to adjunct experiences with a desire to facilitate a live Twitter chat. More information about it may be found at How Can I Facilitate an #AdjunctChat?

11 thoughts on “#AdjunctChat Sept 2 ~ “What are you doing this year to keep your teaching fresh?” (@JeffreyKeefer)

  1. Robert Baum

    If you need a host, I’m available. Pretty slow day in NH. Closing a college — what hell on earth — might be a nice way to catch a break participating and hosting a chat:

  2. Andrew

    Q1 Intro Physics for 1st year engineers

    Q2 This is the 4th yr I’ve taught it

    Q3 Everywhere and anywhere!

    Q4 Think-pair-share with clickers. Socrative bring your own device. I use clickers in all courses now. This is the last to have them built in.
    Also more back of envelope calculations to help cultivate common sense and estimation without a given equation. I will be giving them 1 per class. I can reuse a few, but I have to devise, borrow or steal about 15 new problems. Aim to make class very interactive with me and each other.

    Q5 I will have a mid-term feedback survey to gauge student reaction. Not anticipating any probs. I also explain the idea of peer instruction and its effectiveness.
    If class attendence remains high, then I have engaged the students. It’s an 8.30 am class, so the more motivation to attend the better!
    I usually put a clicker type question in written form on the final exam to see who retained the knowledge.

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