#AdjunctChat Topic for 9/19

Twitter_ChatThe topic for our #AdjunctChat on Thursday, September 19, 4:00pm EDT is:

How do you handle challenging student demands and (unrealistic) expectations?


This will be the format we can try to follow for this chat. Please reply if you have any suggestions for editing these or send me a Tweet for feedback on them before the chat itself:

  • Announce the chat topic
  • Welcome and Introductions (who, where and what you adjunct)
  • Ask questions / responses — Q1: / A1: , Q2 / A2: , etc.

Q1: What sorts of challenging student demands and (unrealistic) expectations have you experienced?
Q2: How have you handled them?
Q3: What sorts of issues do you want to continue to improve?
Q4: What suggestions of resources / websites have you found that may be useful to share?

  • Closure / take-aways / next steps
  • Announce the next chat date and time
  • Invite topic suggestions for the next chat’s poll

All adjunct or part-time / non-permanent / non-tenured faculty are welcome (along with their allies!!). Please send this information to anybody you think will be interested in it!

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