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AdjunctChat Topic and Questions for 8/22

The topic for #AdjunctChat on Thursday 8/22 at 4:00pm EDT is:

What effects do long-time adjunct work have on one’s professional identity?

This will be the format we will try to follow for this chat:

  • Announce the chat topic
  • Welcome and Introductions (who, where and what you adjunct)
  • Ask questions / responses:
    • Q1:  How long have you been an adjunct? / A1:
    • Q2:  Did you imagine adjuncting in the way you are right now?  / A2:
    • Q3:  How do you understand your professional identity? / A3:
    • Q4:  What role has being an adjunct had on this identity? / A4:
    • Q5:  Where do you hope to develop your professional identity in the future? / A5:
  • Closure / take-aways / next steps
  • Announce the next chat date and time
  • Invite topic suggestions for the next chat’s poll