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Transcript from #AdjunctChat on 12/17/13

Colouful speech bubblesThis is the transcript from #AdjunctChat on 12/17/13, and was facilitated by Michael Hepner @DrHepner.

The topic was Professional Development: What do you have?  What do you want?  What do you need?

All are welcome to our next #AdjunctChat on January 7, 2014 at 4:00pm EST.

From User Text Time
@DrHepner Professional development for adjuncts?  That’s the last thing adjuncts want to do!  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 14:52:51
@DrHepner “None of my adjuncts have time for professional development…  that’s why I don’t even offer it.”  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 14:54:30
@DrHepner “You train them and they just leave for something better.  What’s the use of that?”  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 14:55:35
@DrHepner “Adjuncts won’t be interested in anything if they aren’t paid for it.”  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 14:56:32
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@DrHepner @sneakinabook Join us at #adjunctchat at 3pm.  We’re discussing what schools offer for PD and what adjuncts need. 12/17/2013 15:04:20
@DrHepner The four previous comments were resonate of the majority of responses when I asked admin if they offer adjunct PD.  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 15:07:53
@AdjunctChat Professional Development: What do you have? What do you want? What do you need? All welcome to today’s #AdjunctChat! http://t.co/OrWDcWoVpY 12/17/2013 15:30:13
@melovell RT @AdjunctChat: Professional Development: What do you have? What do you want? What do you need? All welcome to today’s #AdjunctChat! http:… 12/17/2013 15:44:57
@DrHepner RT @DrHepner: “Adjuncts won’t be interested in anything if they aren’t paid for it.”  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 15:47:26
@DrHepner RT @DrHepner: “You train them and they just leave for something better.  What’s the use of that?”  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 15:47:50
@DrHepner RT @DrHepner: “None of my adjuncts have time for professional development…  that’s why I don’t even offer it.”  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 15:48:29
@DrHepner RT @DrHepner: Professional development for adjuncts?  That’s the last thing adjuncts want to do!  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 15:48:38
@DrHepner “I’ve never been told they (adjunct instructors) want PD” – A dean in Illinois  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 15:48:57
@DrHepner “We don’t offer much.  Most adjuncts were taught how to teach as TAs in grad school” – A dean in North Carolina #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 15:49:36
@DrHepner I recently completed gathering data on the need for adjunct PD.  These are some of the participant responses #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 15:56:09
@JeffreyKeefer Looking forward to today’s #AdjunctChat starting in a couple minutes at 4:00PM EST. 12/17/2013 15:58:48
@DrHepner Is anybody joining us? @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:00:46
@DrHepner I “preloaded” a few quotes from admin about adjuncts and their PD needs.  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:01:35
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner Looking forward to hearing a little about your research regarding #adjunct faculty #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:01:43
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner We shall see! I sent a number of reminders to colleagues and friends and such, so we never know who turns up or reads #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:02:19
@DrHepner It seems like there is either indifference and/or ignorance among many admin about PD needs #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:02:54
@JeffreyKeefer Today’s #adjunctchat on Professional Development is beginning; all welcome! http://t.co/cMpjIh34gc 12/17/2013 16:03:23
@DrHepner We offer the usual campus cultural induction at the beginning of each semester.  What does your campus offer?  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:03:32
@DrHepner We also offer a “certification program” in which we rehash a lot of the cultural induction, such as security, FERPA, etc…  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:03:58
@DrHepner Seems like many campuses offer induction as a way to CYA with heavy doses of sexual harrassment, FERPA and ADA related training #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:05:16
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner What is a campus cultural induction? #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:05:44
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner I have not seen a formalized one of these; just PDFs or online training. Never seen in-person focus on this #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:06:31
@DrHepner Any PD that is geared toward campus culture instead of true PD, such as where to park, where to make copies, etc.@JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:06:57
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner What do you mean by Adjunct Professional Development?  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:07:19
@JeffreyKeefer I wonder if universities are expected to offer #adjunct PD, given how they are for-hire, PT workers, per se #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:08:14
@DrHepner RT @DrHepner: @JeffreyKeefer “True PD” in terms of how to teach, classroom management, course delivery, etc… #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:08:52
@DrHepner I’m not sure it’s expected, but it’s certainly valuable to ensure that they’re delivering a quality product. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:10:04
@AdjunctChat #AdjunctChat on #adjunct Professional Development with @DrHepner is taking place now; all are welcome. 12/17/2013 16:10:19
@DrHepner My recent study found that adjuncts are DESPERATE for some sort of PD…  any PD!  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:10:39
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner Ahh, so those sorts of things that people often take for granted that folks know how to do #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:10:54
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner Interesting choice of words, as HE is increasingly a product to buy and sell  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:11:25
@JeffreyKeefer RT @AdjunctChat #AdjunctChat on #adjunct Professional Development with @DrHepner is taking place now; all are welcome. 12/17/2013 16:11:34
@DrHepner @JeffreyKeefer We all learn to teach in grad school, right?  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:11:42
@IshaiBarnoy #AdjunctChat I may not be able to participate today. Got a final exam to administer. Maybe I’ll drop in at some point. 12/17/2013 16:12:16
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @AdjunctChat @DrHepner Sorry I’m late. Was in the middle of correcting and panic call from my son at uni. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:12:29
@JeffreyKeefer @IshaiBarnoy You are always welcome now (or to join later), though today’s topis on Professional Development is quite timely #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:13:15
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Welcome! #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:13:24
@Comprof1 @DrHepner @JeffreyKeefer Actually most programs at our uni require teaching. Does 2 things: cheap labor and training for grads #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:13:27
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner Right 😉 As an educational researcher, you are speaking my language on PD! #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:13:53
@Comprof1 @DrHepner @JeffreyKeefer Irony is that they don’t hire their own graduates for TT, only adjuncts. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:14:01
@DrHepner @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer I too taught in grad school, but I certainly wasn’t trained to teach before I started #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:15:25
@Comprof1 @DrHepner Our Teaching & Learning institute (PD) is expanding more & more. Some training still only TT. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:16:05
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner To your point, I learned to teach when I taught middle and high school! Uni is easy after that trail by fire! #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:16:39
@Comprof1 @DrHepner Last year participated in flipped classroom training & received Ipad (to hand back when I leave) & $1000 grant at end #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:17:16
@DrHepner I would love some flipped classroom training #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:17:46
@JeffreyKeefer @rcbatp offered some interesting responses to @DrHepner’s questions for today’s  #adjunctchat at https://t.co/g8flRzcEhs 12/17/2013 16:18:20
@Comprof1 @DrHepner @JeffreyKeefer Think it depends on focus of school. Research uni’s tend not to focus on teachining. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:18:30
@DrHepner #stlcc recently approved a project in which I offer online, informal PD.  There’s a lot of skepticism.  #adjunctchat #stlccadjunct 12/17/2013 16:18:51
@Comprof1 @DrHepner @JeffreyKeefer Also depends on dept. Some dept don’t care about teaching. Mine (comm) does. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:19:10
@DrHepner My vision is to offer light PD and create more of a community for adjuncts and perhaps a primer to PD offered on campus.  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:19:44
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @DrHepner At NYU I teach in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, though all my classes are grad courses #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:20:07
@melovell #adjunctchat Dropping in to say hi. My professional development in teaching was mostly accessed through my doctoral uni where I taught too. 12/17/2013 16:20:09
@Comprof1 @DrHepner We had a workshop, then one on one meetings w/ learning experts, class observation, feedback, then final reflection. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:20:18
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner Your vision for this in what way, standards or coursework or something else? #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:20:34
@JeffreyKeefer @melovell Welcome to #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:20:45
@AdjunctChat Today’s #AdjunctChat questions and focus may be found at http://t.co/OrWDcWoVpY 12/17/2013 16:21:17
@Comprof1 @DrHepner They also offer Team Based learning workshops, online course dev, and research workshops for ALL faculty (& TA’s). #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:21:22
@melovell #adjunctchat We were taught course design, assessment, some pedagogical theory, reflective practice and had access to a teaching mentor. 12/17/2013 16:22:09
@DrHepner @Comprof1 Wow!  My research, which focused on community colleges, found little to no PD for adjuncts.  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:22:15
@JeffreyKeefer I am surprised that national #adjunct trainings or certifications or standards have not been developed #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:22:22
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner Do you have observations? I haven’t in the last 10 yrs until last yr w/ flipped classroom. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:22:35
@DrHepner I found a lot of complaints about recurring sexual harassment training and speeches on campus safety.  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:23:08
@melovell @JeffreyKeefer Always a slightly guilty pleasure at this time of day (8am) but I like to make it when I can. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:23:26
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner Worst observation was from dept head w/ no ed experience (I have ed MA & Phd). Power trip. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:23:47
@JeffreyKeefer I like @rcbatp’s title of his response, “Professional Development: You’re Joking, Right?” https://t.co/kKTCK4XIHf #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:23:50
@JeffreyKeefer @melovell That is our story in life, we do it when we can, ehh?!  😉 #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:24:12
@DrHepner Would you want a stadardized curriculum for adjunct PD/training?  @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:24:17
@JeffreyKeefer @melovell Wow, you had a somewhat comprehensive overview for PD as a contingent faculty #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:24:50
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Trying to in NY State unis. One fear might be not finding those w/ content knowledge & teaching ability. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:25:14
@DrHepner We started standardized online training for all instructors two years ago and lost a lot of good, seasoned instructors. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:26:30
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Of who not having that expertise? #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:26:42
@JeffreyKeefer RT @DrHepner Would you want a stadardized curriculum for adjunct PD/training?  @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:26:52
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @melovell In PD at uni for contingent or in school (as TA). We have TA training. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:27:08
@rcbatp @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat — I try to move from gut reaction to synthesis in the doc — “you’re joking, right?” = actual quote from admin 12/17/2013 16:27:14
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner It reminds me of a doctoral course I teach @paceuniversity – Teaching and Learning in Advanced Practice Nursing #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:27:57
@JeffreyKeefer @rcbatp You captured the title right on the head! #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:28:16
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer But many Phd programs are including comprehensive teaching training. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:28:22
@DrHepner @rcbatp Imagine the reactions when I proposed informal, online PD for adjuncts.  “You’re joking, right?” would have been kind. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:28:36
@JeffreyKeefer RT @DrHepner My recent study found that adjuncts are DESPERATE for some sort of PD…  any PD!  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:28:54
@melovell @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Yes probably equivalent to your TA training though we don’t have TAs here #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:29:12
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner What was the context for your #adjunct PD study? #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:29:26
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner @paceuniversity We also used to have paid “meetings” at one uni I taught at w/ majority adjuncts. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:29:28
@DrHepner @Comprof1 Comprehensive teaching training in PhD programs is a growing trend. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:29:34
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Perhaps, though I have not experienced it #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:29:49
@DrHepner RT @DrHepner: @JeffreyKeefer We sought to discover whether quality/quantity of adjunct PD impacted job satisfaction. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:30:48
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @DrHepner Both unis where I teach have #adjunct unions, and one specifies meetings and such #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:30:56
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner @paceuniversity It was an online uni so “meetings” were really PD Had mentors/advisors for tech/teach #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:31:05
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner @Comprof1 I would love to teach in one of those! #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:31:24
@melovell @JeffreyKeefer At the other uni where I taught there was a fullday paid workshop to orient & provide guidance to new teachers. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:31:49
@DrHepner What would you ask for if your dean/vpaa offered to grant your one PD request?  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:32:32
@melovell @DrHepner That’s disappointing. You’d think they’d want high quality teaching. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:33:00
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner Problem is ONLY TT are expected to teach those courses/mentor. This is where adjuncts are excluded. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:33:07
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner But if majority of adjuncts are now teaching undergrad, why not pay them to observe TA’s #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:33:49
@DrHepner @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer We have a very comprehensive training program for TT faculty here, but adjuncts are excluded #adjunctchat. 12/17/2013 16:34:14
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner Or better yet, for lrg classes give adjuncts a TA to take pressure off and make available for students #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:34:57
@DrHepner What would you ask for if your dean/vpaa offered to grant your one PD request?  Flipped classroom training for me!
12/17/2013 16:35:06
@Comprof1 @DrHepner Teaching Phd students and dissertation advisement. Difficult because I TAUGHT education classes. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:36:36
@Comprof1 @DrHepner Have to say that our teachng/lrng institute does a great job. Check out the options http://t.co/YsUhYSP8eb #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:38:33
@DrHepner @Comprof1 I was very lucky in that my uni had a great system of dissertation advisement/completion.  I use all they taught me! #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:38:36
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner I am not sure if I want those specs; seems like more unpaid work  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:38:40
@Comprof1 @DrHepner I can also learn any new tech w/ training prog
offered every semester. Problem is no tech INFRASTRUCTURE after trng #adjunctchat
12/17/2013 16:40:18
@DrHepner I wondered with my study @JeffreyKeefer whether the adjuncts wanted more PD or community. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:41:49
@DrHepner @Comprof1 Unusable training?
12/17/2013 16:42:46
@Comprof1 @DrHepner At least it keeps my skills current as I look for jobs OUTSIDE of Academia. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:44:16
@DrHepner When I worked in a prison, we trained inmates to be barbers, but felons could not get a barber license upon release. #adjunctchat @Comprof1 12/17/2013 16:44:27
@Comprof1 @DrHepner @JeffreyKeefer What were the results? #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:44:37
@Comprof1 I think this snow is slowing down my computer connection. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:45:20
@DrHepner @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer adjuncts seem to be desperate for both.  They hate PCP! #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:46:09
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner Now that can be for a next step in the study! #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:46:21
@DrHepner PCP = Parking lot, Classroom, parking lot #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:46:35
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Alas, I am noticing a slowdown as well #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:46:40
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner PCP? #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:46:50
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner I do see a connection; I have worked in the organizational instructional design area professionally for years #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:47:26
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner I also do some consulting in online communities, and think there is a wealth of opportunities in those spaces #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:48:09
@DrHepner @JeffreyKeefer I like the way you think! #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:48:11
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner Got it.  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:48:19
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 That is increasingly a concerns of those in HE, alas. . . #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:48:58
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner In that case, I should work for you!; Most people just do not connect those dots!! #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:49:39
@DrHepner Have we exhausted the subject? @jeffreykeefer #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:50:02
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner I am going to need to get off in a few moments, but have a last question for you #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:50:16
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner What do you see for your next personal / professional / academic steps in this area? #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:50:41
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner I think observations & individual meetings are scary but  useful if used as formative (not summative) #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:50:53
@DrHepner I think I will explore this PD/community link some more.  What do adjuncts really want?
@JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat
12/17/2013 16:51:51
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner In what capacity? #AdjunctChat 12/17/2013 16:52:57
@melovell @JeffreyKeefer Most of my pd is self directed these days. I especially use the internet including blogs from academics. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:53:43
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner Where can we follow your work or read more about it or keep up with it?  #AdjunctChat 12/17/2013 16:54:01
@JeffreyKeefer @melovell Please share some of what you learn / find  #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:54:34
@JeffreyKeefer RT @DrHepner I think I will explore this PD/community link some more.  What do adjuncts really want?
@JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat
12/17/2013 16:55:14
@fabianbanga a non-adjunct reading here #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:55:33
@AdjunctChat It seems today’s #adjunctchat may be coming to a close. Thank you @DrHepner for facilitating today. We look forward to following your work! 12/17/2013 16:56:35
@JeffreyKeefer @fabianbanga We are always interested in your reading and support and encouragement and suggestions! #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:57:06
@Oplerno @JeffreyKeefer @melovell We’d also be interested in reading what you’ve learned #adjunctchat #adjunct 12/17/2013 16:57:08
@melovell @JeffreyKeefer I am steadily building up links to interesting stuff. http://t.co/Syk4IzibnT #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:57:10
@Comprof1 @DrHepner @JeffreyKeefer Also should look at psychology of non-permanence & feeling of community/need for PD #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:57:19
@VCVaile @JeffreyKeefer oops again #adjunctchat—it’s been chaotic + I’m pinch hitting some social media for @AnaMFores is traveling & offline 12/17/2013 16:57:47
@JeffreyKeefer Thanks @DrHepner for sharing your ideas and asking us some of these tough questions! #AdjunctChat 12/17/2013 16:57:59
@JeffreyKeefer RT @melovell @JeffreyKeefer I am steadily building up links to interesting stuff. http://t.co/SN1pWaEewc #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:58:07
@JeffreyKeefer RT @Oplerno @JeffreyKeefer @melovell We’d also be interested in reading what you’ve learned #adjunctchat #adjunct 12/17/2013 16:58:12
@JeffreyKeefer Please let me know if you want to facilitate an #adjunctchat in January; we have openings each week! 12/17/2013 16:58:50
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner When will the next #adjunctchat be ? 12/17/2013 16:58:57
@AdjunctChat RT @JeffreyKeefer: Please let me know if you want to facilitate an #adjunctchat in January; we have openings each week! 12/17/2013 16:59:04
@fabianbanga @AdjunctChat @DrHepner thank you everyone; it was nice to follow the conversation. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 16:59:26
@JeffreyKeefer @VCVaile You are always welcome when you arrive! @AnaMFores #AdjunctChat 12/17/2013 16:59:41
@IshaiBarnoy @JeffreyKeefer #AdjunctChat Sorry to barge in at the last minute. What I need is time (& maybe money) to pursue personal creative interests. 12/17/2013 16:59:48
@melovell @JeffreyKeefer That’s not a bad idea. I’ll add it to my list of blog posts to write. #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 17:00:16
@fabianbanga @JeffreyKeefer sure, always #adjunctchat 12/17/2013 17:00:27
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 We skip #adjunctchat over the next 2 weeks for the holidays, so the next one is Jan 7 at 4:00pm EST. 12/17/2013 17:00:31
@JeffreyKeefer @melovell Perhaps you would be interested in facilitating an #adjunctchat in January on your work and how we can share it? 12/17/2013 17:01:14
@Melissa_Venable @JeffreyKeefer Sorry I missed today’s #AdjunctChat – great topic! Hoping to jump back into the convo in January. 🙂 12/17/2013 17:01:22
@fabianbanga RT @JeffreyKeefer: @Comprof1 We skip #adjunctchat over the next 2 weeks for the holidays, so the next one is Jan 7 at 4:00pm EST. 12/17/2013 17:01:51
@Oplerno During #adjunctchat @melovell shared some of what she’s found for her PD as an #adjunct http://t.co/3FFTaQ1hKu 12/17/2013 17:02:03
@melovell Check out the #adjunctchat hashtag for today’s interesting chat on professional development for adjunct/sessional academics. 12/17/2013 17:02:40
@AdjunctChat #AdjunctChat will NOT meet Dec 24 or Dec 31. It will resume on Jan 7 at 4:00pm EST. Please RT. 12/17/2013 17:03:35
@JeffreyKeefer @Melissa_Venable You are always welcome! Hope you can facilitate an #adjunctchat soon! 12/17/2013 17:04:09
@JeffreyKeefer RT @AdjunctChat #AdjunctChat will NOT meet Dec 24 or Dec 31. It will resume on Jan 7 at 4:00pm EST. Please RT. 12/17/2013 17:04:14

Transcript from #AdjunctChat on 12/10/13

Colouful speech bubblesThis is the transcript from #AdjunctChat on 12/10/13, and was facilitated by Virginia Yonkers @Comprof1.

The topic was Managing your commitments at the end of the semester.


From User Text Time
@Comprof1 #adjunctchat will start in 10 minutes. How to manage your commitments during this time of year. 12/10/2013 15:52:38
@Comprof1 #adjunctchat so it seems many people are busy today.  Where is everyone in their semester? 12/10/2013 16:00:42
@Comprof1 #adjunctchat I’ve started my final grading. 12/10/2013 16:03:07
@Comprof1 #adjunctchat hopefully people are not over whelmed.  I try to front load my courses so most work is in 1st 2/3 of class. Still have a lot 12/10/2013 16:05:26
@Comprof1 #adjunctchat it doesn’t appear as if there is any one but myself online so I’m going to just throw out a bunch of questions anyone can ans 12/10/2013 16:10:36
@Comprof1 #adjunctchat besides grading what are some of the things you need to do at the end of the semester? 12/10/2013 16:11:38
@Comprof1 #adjunctchat are there any strategies you use to help manage the workload?  I don’t hand back finals so I just write a quick note for grade 12/10/2013 16:14:52
@Comprof1 #adjunctchat I also use Edmodo for assignments. It has a very easy grade book. 12/10/2013 16:17:30
@Comprof1 #adjunctchat how do you handle the last minute student requests as they realize the sem is done and they may not be able to meet with you? 12/10/2013 16:20:42
@IshaiBarnoy @Comprof1 I’ve spent an entire semester sticking by my rules. Sure, maybe a few students will have excuses. But not many. #AdjunctChat 12/10/2013 16:21:49
@Comprof1 #adjunctchat do you give I completes?  Why or why not? How do you handle I completes if you are not returning the following semester? 12/10/2013 16:22:02
@IshaiBarnoy @Comprof1 I’ve never encountered incompletes, to be honest. Mostly I just hand down grades. I do consider grade changes though. #AdjunctChat 12/10/2013 16:23:50
@Comprof1 @IshaiBarnoy what role (if any) do student evaluations at this time of yr play in stress levels #adjunctchat 12/10/2013 16:24:33
@IshaiBarnoy #AdjunctChat I don’t have big answers for managing workload, sorry. I’ll tell you what someone told me: No more than four essays! 12/10/2013 16:24:55
@IshaiBarnoy @Comprof1 #AdjunctChat None, this semester. I was told I could do evals at the 2/3 mark, and I did. Great relief. I plan to do so again. 12/10/2013 16:25:46
@Comprof1 @IshaiBarnoy the process for grade change is so tough at our school it is easier to give incompletes. #AdjunctChat 12/10/2013 16:25:48
@IshaiBarnoy @Comprof1 #AdjunctChat Yeah, it’s not ideal at my school either. To be sure, it’s probably a school-by-school issue. 12/10/2013 16:26:41
@Comprof1 @IshaiBarnoy I actually don’t give final exams. Final papers w/drafts due 4 weeks before. So easier to grade. #AdjunctChat 12/10/2013 16:27:41
@IshaiBarnoy @Comprof1 #AdjunctChat I still have to find my happy medium. Finishing w/assts before 2/3 mark would be disastrous, tho. All focus gone. 12/10/2013 16:28:33
@Comprof1 @IshaiBarnoy learned one year not to give Evans as same day give back tests/project! #AdjunctChat 12/10/2013 16:29:05
@IshaiBarnoy @Comprof1 #AdjunctChat What do you do for four weeks in class, then? Presentations? 12/10/2013 16:29:06
@IshaiBarnoy @Comprof1 #AdjunctChat I mean, yeah, that’s a solution already: Presentations. So it’s not an unsolvable problem. 12/10/2013 16:29:39
@Comprof1 #adjunctchat how do you balance personal life demands w/ school this time of year? #AdjunctChat 12/10/2013 16:30:07
@IshaiBarnoy @Comprof1 #AdjunctChat Poorly. 12/10/2013 16:30:46
@Comprof1 @IshaiBarnoy I teach communication courses so we do a lot of in class activities. Fall is not bad but spring is brutal w/ sr. #AdjunctChat 12/10/2013 16:31:52
@IshaiBarnoy @Comprof1 #AdjunctChat I did finish memorizing one of two short plays I’ll be doing in the spring. 12/10/2013 16:31:57
@Comprof1 @Comprof1 after 20 yrs my family knows it’s a tough time for me. But still they don’t understand why “pt job” requires so much #AdjunctChat 12/10/2013 16:33:56
@IshaiBarnoy @Comprof1 #AdjunctChat Very cool. I need to expand my collection of in-class activities that seem both necessary and meaningful. 12/10/2013 16:34:14
@Comprof1 @IshaiBarnoy do you feel it gives you an excuse to get away from grading (doing other work) #AdjunctChat 12/10/2013 16:35:28
@IshaiBarnoy @Comprof1 #AdjunctChat Sure! But different types of busywork aren’t really “getting away.” Rehearsing w/others is better. More “real.” 12/10/2013 16:36:38
@Comprof1 @IshaiBarnoy I always have the last class be something reflective. Give back something they did first class so they see prgrss #AdjunctChat 12/10/2013 16:37:11
@IshaiBarnoy @Comprof1 #AdjunctChat Performing would be even better than that. But I’m just starting out. Keeping objectives organized is hard/necessary. 12/10/2013 16:37:39
@Comprof1 @IshaiBarnoy do you find end of term is most isolating? #AdjunctChat I do because I have office at work but end of term at home 12/10/2013 16:38:45
@IshaiBarnoy @Comprof1 #AdjunctChat My last class was cancelled today. It ends up last week’s class was more reflective. So, yeah, that was good luck. 12/10/2013 16:39:38
@Comprof1 @IshaiBarnoy assuming you teach drama or theater? Might have first class do a piece as ice breaker, end w/ same piece. #AdjunctChat 12/10/2013 16:40:57
@IshaiBarnoy @Comprof1 #AdjunctChat Yes, quite isolating. But one class strangely matured into a real community just days ago. I’m still riding on pride. 12/10/2013 16:41:29
@Comprof1 @IshaiBarnoy snow? #adjunctchat 12/10/2013 16:41:35
@IshaiBarnoy @Comprof1 #AdjunctChat No, I teach FYC, like all the other clowns. I’ve even had the poetry workshops go down the tubes. No more workshops. 12/10/2013 16:43:00
@IshaiBarnoy @Comprof1 #AdjunctChat Yeah, snow. Great for sleeping in and sledding. Bad for bookkeeping. 12/10/2013 16:43:36
@Comprof1 @IshaiBarnoy my last class yesterday was bummed it was the last class! Surprising because I didn’t think they liked class! #AdjunctChat 12/10/2013 16:43:45
@IshaiBarnoy @Comprof1 #AdjunctChat I would teach drama. Then again, it’d be better to just do drama. Performing is best. Some teaching comes close, tho. 12/10/2013 16:45:10
@Comprof1 #adjunctchat well, I need to end now. Hope others can jump into the discussion this week if they have time! #AdjunctChat 12/10/2013 16:45:23
@IshaiBarnoy @Comprof1 #AdjunctChat Good luck grading. 12/10/2013 16:46:50
@IshaiBarnoy Hey, anybody left listening to #AdjunctChat today? We could turn these last 10 minutes into #AdjunctChat : Fart Joke Edition. 12/10/2013 16:51:05
@IshaiBarnoy Alright, closing up #AdjunctChat. Have fun grading. Don’t have too much coffee or candy. 12/10/2013 16:58:43

Transcript from #AdjunctChat on 12/3/13

Colouful speech bubblesThis is the transcript from #AdjunctChat on 12/3/13, and was facilitated by Jeffrey Keefer @JeffreyKeefer.

The topic was How do you manage your social capital as an #adjunct?.

From User Text Time
@JeffreyKeefer Getting ready for #adjunctchat – starts in about 5 minutes. 12/3/2013 15:54:07
@JeffreyKeefer Today’s #adjunctchat topic is at http://t.co/MAFxL2ydWz 12/3/2013 15:54:27
@Comprof1 RT @JeffreyKeefer: Getting ready for #adjunctchat – starts in about 5 minutes. 12/3/2013 15:59:01
@Comprof1 Anyone else feel a bit scattered after thanksgiving break? #adjunctchat #phdchat #ecrchat 12/3/2013 16:01:48
@JeffreyKeefer Welcome to #adjunctchat! 12/3/2013 16:06:16
@IshaiBarnoy Sorry, #AdjunctChat folks. I’ve been teaching this semester. Right now I’ve got a student (who isn’t here), and a 3hr class soon after. 12/3/2013 16:06:23
@JeffreyKeefer Today’s #adjunctchat is “How do you manage your social capital as an #adjunct?” 12/3/2013 16:06:49
@4KM Hello everyone. Joining #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:07:38
@AdjunctChat @Comprof1 I am feeling completely scattered, though that has been since Halloween! #AdjunctChat 12/3/2013 16:07:40
@Comprof1 @IshaiBarnoy Maybe next week or in January. #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:08:05
@Comprof1 RT @4KM: Hello everyone. Joining #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:09:02
@JeffreyKeefer I was trying to use Twubs for #adjunctchat http://t.co/jn4exeReCc but the site seems somewhat slow today. 12/3/2013 16:09:08
@JeffreyKeefer Who is here for #adjunctchat today? 12/3/2013 16:09:25
@4KM “Manage” is an interesting term re: “How do you manage your social capital as an #adjunct?” #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:09:37
@JeffreyKeefer Today’s #adjunctchat topic came up a couple weeks ago about social capital as an #adjunct, so we shall see what sense we make of it! 12/3/2013 16:10:29
@4KM Want to share what spawned Q1 for you @JeffreyKeefer? #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:10:56
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer My only problem is “social capital”.  to me it sounds like we’re part of the machinery. #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:11:05
@JeffreyKeefer I always struggled with the notion of social capital, though think it is an interesting notion for #adjuncts to consider #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:11:16
@JeffreyKeefer RT @Comprof1: @JeffreyKeefer My only problem is “social capital”.  to me it sounds like we’re part of the machinery. #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:11:52
@AdjunctChat @Comprof1 Nicely stated about social capital; it does seem anti-#adjunct in some ways, like the system itself! #AdjunctChat 12/3/2013 16:12:23
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer I just wish I could come up with a better term. But the social network is very important. #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:12:42
@JeffreyKeefer Let’s begin . . .  #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:12:44
@4KM A1 If you are thinking-in pt-about faculty-learner SoMe connections, our U encourages it, which is great #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:12:48
@JeffreyKeefer Let’s begin with #AdjunctChat . . . Q1 How do you understand your social capital? 12/3/2013 16:13:12
@VCVaile slow computer day – here but late getting loaded. #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:13:14
@networkedres Following #adjunctchat? Please help us out answering this (super quick) survey http://t.co/TUNnMffbuj Thanks! #ECRchat 12/3/2013 16:13:52
@AdjunctChat @VCVaile @4KM  Welcome to today’s #Adjunctchat! 12/3/2013 16:13:54
@4KM I don’t mind the term social capital, as it implies recognized value, even in for-profit corporations #adjunctchat #KM 12/3/2013 16:14:03
@Comprof1 @4KM Actually, I’ve been using linkedin to follow my students  Helps me to know where they are & get feedback when in workplace #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:14:47
@JeffreyKeefer Q1 I think of social capital as a network of social relations, though I have not figured how to work the capital, or value, in #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:15:33
@Comprof1 @VCVaile I’m having the same problem #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:16:01
@VCVaile Maybe the place to start Q1 is with #socialcapital minus the #adjunct part BUT including #socialmedia #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:16:05
@JeffreyKeefer Q1 Somehow thinking about my social network as valuable for me is fine, though the capital seems to quantify the relations #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:16:19
@JeffreyKeefer Q1 Perhaps social capital is more akin to social relationships? #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:16:41
@AdjunctChat @VCVaile Q1 Do you envision social capital requiring social media? #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:17:16
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Actually I was just reading an article on social capital defined as social relations & value in relationships #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:17:40
@4KM How be if we rephrase as “valuable social networks?” #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:17:48
@AdjunctChat @4KM @Comprof1 Q1 I try not to think of my network as valuable in a $ way, as that seems to depersonalize people I like #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:18:22
@JeffreyKeefer RT @4KM: How be if we rephrase as “valuable social networks?” #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:18:44
@Comprof1 @AdjunctChat @VCVaile NO! I think adjuncts have more social capital than they think. More than TT #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:18:47
@AdjunctChat @4KM Valuable for me, in “valuable social networks” = social capital #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:19:19
@Comprof1 @4KM And most adjuncts have multiple networks. #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:19:44
@VCVaile I’m comfortable w both social & cultural capital. It’s been a while but Bourdieuhabitus /might have been more useful than Wiki #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:19:47
@4KM Funny we value social learning in networks using social media and 1st 20 min is struggle w “Social capital.” #adjunctchat #KM 12/3/2013 16:19:53
@AdjunctChat @Comprof1 @AdjunctChat @VCVaile Can you talk more about what you mean? #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:20:05
@JeffreyKeefer @4KM Somehow the learning and the notion of “value” and “capital” do seem strained to me #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:21:26
@4KM I blur my networks and find they add value to each other in unpredictable ways. #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:21:32
@Comprof1 @AdjunctChat @VCVaile We have access (often) to networks outside of academia & our own institution. #adjunctchat Uni could tap into. 12/3/2013 16:21:57
@JeffreyKeefer Some really interesting ideas for #adjunctchat today on social capital 12/3/2013 16:22:16
@VCVaile think of networks / relationships that #adjuncts have + #culturalcapital #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:22:32
@JeffreyKeefer For those joining, today’s #adjunctchat topic is How do you manage your social capital as an #adjunct? 12/3/2013 16:22:44
@4KM @JeffreyKeefer Every sector has its lexicons, which tie to values and comfort. #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:22:54
@JeffreyKeefer Q2 How does your social capital benefit you as an #adjunct? #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:22:58
@Comprof1 @AdjunctChat @VCVaile 1 college I worked for tapped into it by having a colleague work at getting speakers from adjunct SocNet #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:23:18
@4KM Don’t we try to use our social networks to effect social capital for our universities and students? #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:23:50
@VCVaile interesting article here on social media & social capital http://t.co/Xpiz4SmR3B #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:23:50
@Comprof1 @AdjunctChat @VCVaile Most adjuncts were members of prof groups, had social network outside of soc media. Soc media useful tho #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:24:03
@JeffreyKeefer It seems thus far that we here in #adjunctchat see social capital as somehow our networks providing us value. 12/3/2013 16:24:25
@4KM A2 Finding faculty, guest presenters and resources and being inspired and informed and hopefully sharing some credibility #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:25:18
@JeffreyKeefer Q2 I wonder how social capital is different for #adjuncts vs. anybody else. Is there a difference? #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:25:24
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer A1 I use soc nets to find jobs, get resources/syllabi, get feedback on courses (changes needed). #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:25:39
@VCVaile Problem w Q2 is dissonance / power imbalance makes mobilizing social/cultural capital more difficult #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:25:46
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer I have been using soc net of other adj more this semester. Another network to tap into. #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:26:24
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer I have tried tapping into tenure track soc net but seems more closed, only for other TT. #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:27:03
@JeffreyKeefer @VCVaile How are you using “mobilizing”? with Q2? #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:27:16
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer But lately been attending research consortium which has led to opportunities for research #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:27:41
@4KM @VCVaile Interesting. If programmers could just make knowledge repositories and texts warm, we could scrap social capital #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:27:44
@JeffreyKeefer Today’s #adjunctchat topic is “How do you manage your social capital as an #adjunct?” – All are welcome! 12/3/2013 16:28:10
@Comprof1 RT @VCVaile: Problem w Q2 is dissonance / power imbalance makes mobilizing social/cultural capital more difficult #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:28:11
@4KM @JeffreyKeefer As Virginia said, we tend to have many diverse networks, more than the tenured specialist or pure practitioner #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:29:09
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer The same for any permanent vs. temp employee. Can always dev external net but INTERNAL is tuf to crack #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:29:19
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Q2 I have also been reaching out more to other #adjuncts, especially related to our work here on #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:29:30
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 It is odd that I reach out to my network, though am not good at claiming to leverage or use it; seem too self-serving #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:30:21
@VCVaile @JeffreyKeefer using, cultivating productive connections – think of what the word means & take it from there #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:30:32
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Esp true as budgets begin to make jobs less predictable. #adjunctchat Found colleague less likely to share Competing for jobs 12/3/2013 16:30:43
@JeffreyKeefer @4KM Do you think #adjuncts have more networks or more diverse networks automatically, or only those who work on it? #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:31:05
@4KM Would be interesting to have inside-outside instrument with which to measure #HigherEd institutions: how open is the culture? #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:31:51
@JeffreyKeefer Leaning Q2 How does your social capital benefit you as an #adjunct? for a moment . . .  #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:31:53
@JeffreyKeefer Q3 What do you offer in return for your social capital? #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:32:09
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @4KM Problem is if you work at same place, net becomes smaller. Means you’re at disadv when need net. #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:32:37
@4KM @JeffreyKeefer You have a point. I was influenced by this interesting crowd. But we are more often scholar-practitioners #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:32:44
@JeffreyKeefer Q3 Social capital seems so quantifiable, so why not think about how to add back in? #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:32:48
@rcbatp @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat — If the goal is to increase equity, the social network needs to connect to the physical, immediate network. 12/3/2013 16:32:57
@VCVaile @JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 that does not have to be selfserving…think of it as being part of a network…sharing…gift economy #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:33:06
@JeffreyKeefer RT @VCVaile: @JeffreyKeefer using, cultivating productive connections – think of what the word means & take it from there #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:33:13
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @4KM But if working in multiple locations, net may be diverse/broad, but not “deep” #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:33:15
@4KM @Comprof1 Say more? #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:33:18
@JeffreyKeefer @rcbatp Glad you could join us for #adjunctchat today! 12/3/2013 16:33:42
@rcbatp @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat — I had the most social and real time capital on my campuses but once I shifted to adjunct activism . . . 12/3/2013 16:34:01
@JeffreyKeefer For anybody just joining, today’s #AdjunctChat topic is How do you manage your social capital as an #adjunct? 12/3/2013 16:34:21
@rcbatp @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat (cont’d) that capital was viewed as a threat even though the mission was the same: increase learning conditions 12/3/2013 16:34:43
@JeffreyKeefer @rcbatp How do you characterize or understand your social capital and how it shifted? #AdjunctChat 12/3/2013 16:34:52
@Comprof1 @4KM As you become more isolated & net becomes more tied to one place, not “updated” thru net. #adjunctchat 1/2 12/3/2013 16:35:05
@4KM @Comprof1 Right, or with diverse topics. Wish we had a flattering antonym for deep. #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:35:14
@VCVaile @JeffreyKeefer did you get @rcbatp’s ‘memo’ on social capital? https://t.co/NkhXzfXGMV #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:35:28
@Comprof1 @4KM You may have updated skills that aren’t known by those in smaller net or those in potentially largr net. #adjunctchat 2/2 12/3/2013 16:36:05
@JeffreyKeefer @rcbatp Everything in organizations or human systems can be perceived as a threat to those who have something to lose? #AdjunctChat 12/3/2013 16:36:09
@4KM I think there are constant flows of knowledge and value in social capital #adjunctchat #KM 12/3/2013 16:36:13
@JeffreyKeefer RT @VCVaile: @JeffreyKeefer did you get @rcbatp’s ‘memo’ on social capital? http://t.co/TdZRkm41W4… #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:36:22
@JeffreyKeefer @VCVaile @rcbatp Missed it today; busy day in the FT office! #AdjunctChat 12/3/2013 16:36:59
@VCVaile @JeffreyKeefer  @rcbatp posted to #ConJob an active part of the growing #adjunct network #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:38:18
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @rcbatp But soc cap is dependent on those “buying”. You may have soc/cultural cap, but not wanted by uni #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:38:43
@4KM @Comprof1 Yes: People put people in boxes instead of tributaries #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:38:50
@JeffreyKeefer Q3 I sometimes think social capital is related to the notion of karma, in that we get what we put in (if we attend to it) #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:39:19
@ShieldsMolly Following along (passively) with #adjunctchat – participation limited by meeting, but enjoying discourse. 12/3/2013 16:39:57
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @rcbatp If one buyer is not interested in our social capital, then on to the next one (or change what is offered?) #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:40:17
@Comprof1 @4KM One frustration I have is disconnect between what I see in my soc net as important to learn & what dept perceives #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:40:29
@JeffreyKeefer @ShieldsMolly Welcome, and please reply to the #adjunctchat discourse later! 12/3/2013 16:40:41
@4KM A paradox: diversity and edges can create rich social capital; universities have deep, somewhat homogeneous traditions #adjunctchat #KM 12/3/2013 16:40:48
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @4KM Interesting; I do not feel my uni departments care what I do when I am not teaching what they hire me to do #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:41:41
@Comprof1 @4KM Many dept not using their adjunct social cap #adjunctchat They ask other faculty for resch sites meanwhile adjunct is working at ideal! 12/3/2013 16:41:42
@4KM @Comprof1 Important things haven’t passed the discipline test? #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:42:22
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @4KM I see this in many orgs, not just unis #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:42:40
@JeffreyKeefer I am wondering what take-aways you all have from today’s #adjunctchat discussion on social capital? 12/3/2013 16:43:18
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @rcbatp Which is one advantage to being adjunct! #adjunctchat I find diff networks in my students/alumni. Always reachng out 12/3/2013 16:43:21
@4KM @JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 I don’t know that I’d take a job like that any more. #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:43:36
@JeffreyKeefer As we are nearing our end, I am really interested in what we can do with this #adjunctchat somewhat theoretical discussion on social capital 12/3/2013 16:44:04
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @rcbatp Diff schools, VERY diff students/alumni. Helps when I do consulting/workplace workshops & research. #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:44:12
@rcbatp @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat — individual social or cultural capital used to be put to use internally, to build and manage programs 12/3/2013 16:44:37
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Adjuncts need to recognize the soc cap they have when dealing w/ admin #adjunctchat Make sure data info is up to date. 12/3/2013 16:46:02
@JeffreyKeefer I find it uncomfortable to think of networking and social capital as they seem self-serving . . .  #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:46:22
@4KM Despite disadvantages to adjunct, I wouldn’t be surprised if some creative TT folk are envious. #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:46:37
@JeffreyKeefer . . .  so I will try to reframe it as sharing with my valuable personal network #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:46:37
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Tooting your own horn is not “bragging”.  just think of it as a diff form of career dev than tenure. #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:46:46
@JeffreyKeefer I am going to need to slip off now . . . I teach tonight. Thank you all for a fascinating #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:47:37
@VCVaile of course our networks are not limited to the #adjunct/iverse & overlap at multiple pts #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:47:41
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Perhaps we should start advocating dept reviews for “dept social capital” not just indiv. #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:47:44
@4KM Takeaway: Best of roles and the worst of roles. Easy to create mitigative strategies; diff to change traditions. #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:47:58
@JeffreyKeefer Hope to see you next week for #adjunctchat! Tues, Dec 10 – Topic – “Managing end of semester commitments” led by Virginia Yonkers @Comprof1 12/3/2013 16:48:51
@rcbatp @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat — how do we express (“capitalize” on) this power to those who disempower us? (2 ponder) 12/3/2013 16:49:03
@JeffreyKeefer RT @4KM: Takeaway: Best of roles and the worst of roles. Easy to create mitigative strategies; diff to change traditions. #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:49:06
@4KM @JeffreyKeefer Not if it’s a multi-way street. Most people w good social networks give more than they seem to get #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:49:08
@JeffreyKeefer RT @Comprof1: @JeffreyKeefer Perhaps we should start advocating dept reviews for “dept social capital” not just indiv. #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:49:12
@VCVaile @JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @4KM there is a tendency to exclude #adjuncts from institutional network, so we build our own #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:49:12
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Thanks for hosting. Next week’s topic is a bit lighter and timely. Managing time at end of semester! #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:49:29
@VCVaile & with it social capital #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:49:31
@JeffreyKeefer RT @4KM: @JeffreyKeefer Not if it’s a multi-way street. Most people w good social networks give more than they seem to get #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:49:57
@4KM @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer I have tried to promote social network analysis as a metric in a few Us. No luck yet. #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:51:00
@VCVaile @JeffreyKeefer @4KM agreed! #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:51:24
@Comprof1 @VCVaile @JeffreyKeefer @4KM Often wondered about an “adjunct poole” to be used as needed. More flexibility. #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:52:03
@Comprof1 @VCVaile @JeffreyKeefer @4KM Many adjuncts teach in multiple depts because they have global skill (i.e. tech, writing, etc) #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:52:59
@Comprof1 @4KM @JeffreyKeefer Maybe just ahead of your time! #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:54:03
@VCVaile my connection to/use of social capital is more connected to advocacy & network building than teaching #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:55:28
@4KM Good reconnecting; enjoy your teaching, advocacy, research and network building #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:58:34
@VCVaile I also see a strong connection here w pln & to some extent w digital identies #adjunctchat 12/3/2013 16:58:42

Transcript from #AdjunctChat on 11/19/13

Colouful speech bubblesThis is the transcript from #AdjunctChat on 11/19/13, and was facilitated by Virginia Yonkers @Comprof1.

The topic was Ways to change / control the work environment.

All are welcome to our next #AdjunctChat on 12/3/13 at 4:00pm EST.

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@Comprof1 #adjunctchat is about to start in half an hr. 4:00 EST. Topic today: controlling/changing your work environment.everyone welcome 11/19/2013 15:40
@LydiaFieldSnow1 RT @Comprof1: #adjunctchat is about to start in half an hr. 4:00 EST. Topic today: controlling/changing your work environment.everyone welc… 11/19/2013 15:42
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@AdjunctChat RT @Comprof1: #adjunctchat is about to start in half an hr. 4:00 EST. Topic today: controlling/changing your work environment.everyone welc… 11/19/2013 15:59
@AdjunctChat Looking forward to today’s #AdjunctChat beginning now at 4:00pm EST http://t.co/S720WSru7k, led by @Comprof1 11/19/2013 16:00
@Comprof1 Welcome to this week’s #adjunctchat! 11/19/2013 16:01
@JeffreyKeefer All interested in #adjunct issues are welcome to today’s #adjunctchat. Use whatever app to follow it; I am using http://t.co/jn4exeReCc 11/19/2013 16:01
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Hello! #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:02
@Comprof1 @AdjunctChat my internet is running a bit slow today, so I apologize if there’s a delay in my reponses #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:02
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @AdjunctChat Thanks; we have all been there! #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:03
@PaulaKrebs Hello #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:03
@Comprof1 To start #adjunctchat today, complete the following statement: If there’s one thing I’d like to change about my work it’s… 11/19/2013 16:04
@Comprof1 @PaulaKrebs Hi Paula, glad you could join us. #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:05
@JeffreyKeefer @PaulaKrebs Welcome to #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:05
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 What a tough question! #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:05
@Comprof1 Don’t forget to use the hashtag #adjunctchat so we can capture the comments. 11/19/2013 16:06
@PaulaKrebs @Comprof1 #AdjunctChat like to be able to provide multi-year contracts (I’m a dean), but CBA prevents 11/19/2013 16:06
@danmaxey Hello all! This is Dan from the #DelphiProject. Thanks for the invite, @JeffreyKeefer! #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:07
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer You can list more than 1 but I’d like to get an idea of what people would like to change, then discuss strategy #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:07
@JeffreyKeefer If there’s one thing I’d like to change about my work it’s I wish I could be more strategic about saying “Yes, I can do that!” #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:07
@JeffreyKeefer @danmaxey Welcome; glad you could make it to #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:08
@JeffreyKeefer If there’s one (more) thing I’d like to change about my work it’s I wish it were more clearly oriented toward a future goal #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:09
@Comprof1 @PaulaKrebs what is your current restriction? semester to semester or yearly? #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:09
@danmaxey I agree with @PaulaKrebs on contracts. Would also like to see more access to on and off campus prof development opportunties. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:10
@Comprof1 @danmaxey @JeffreyKeefer Hi Dan. We’re completing the statement, if there’s one thing I’d like to change for my work it’s…#AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:10
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Personal, professional, or educationally (pedegogically)? #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:11
@AdjunctChat RT @Comprof1: To start #adjunctchat today, complete the following statement: If there’s one thing I’d like to change about my work it’s… 11/19/2013 16:12
@Comprof1 @PaulaKrebs How would this change your relationship with your adjuncts/contingent faculty? #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:13
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Good question again! I see the personal, professional, and educational so interrelated I cannot readily separate #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:14
@Comprof1 @danmaxey @JeffreyKeefer For me, I’d like more influence or input into the major and it’s requirements. #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:15
@JeffreyKeefer @danmaxey Why should universities pay contract workers for professional development? Yes, advocatus diaboli hat on #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:15
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 How would you answer your own #adjunctchat question? 11/19/2013 16:16
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @danmaxey It depends on if they are using their credentials from the workplace (traditional adjuncts) or other #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:17
@danmaxey @JeffreyKeefer Because it’s impt for all faculty to remain current re:pedagogies, strategies, and current scholarship in field. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:17
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Ugh….This delay is going to drive me crazy! #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:17
@JeffreyKeefer @danmaxey Agreed, but why should they pay for #adjuncts to learn if they are only contract workers? #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:18
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Breathe, breathe!!! #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:18
@danmaxey I would argue it is no less impt for traditional adjuncts to participate in some prof development. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:18
@Comprof1 @danmaxey @JeffreyKeefer I feel the TT professors are disconnected from students esp undergrads. #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:19
@JeffreyKeefer @danmaxey I agree, though isn’t that something that is up to the worker (#adjunct), to maintain his or her expertise? #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:19
@PaulaKrebs @Comprof1 We can offer no more than 2 years in a row FT non-tt #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:19
@JeffreyKeefer @danmaxey Again, I am playing the advocatus diaboli, so work with me . . . 😉 #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:20
@Comprof1 @danmaxey One advantage is that prof dev creates community and shared vision (long term goals) #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:20
@danmaxey It can be very costly for individuals. And is impt for enhancing the classroom experience and success for students. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:20
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @danmaxey Perhaps it depends on the discipline? #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:21
@Comprof1 @danmaxey One Uni I worked at had paid mandatory training once a semester which was as much bonding as prof dev #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:21
@LydiaFieldSnow1 Hi everyone! Just drove home like crazy! So happy you are still on! #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:21
@danmaxey And, since most campuses already have prof dev in place, it’s not a big stretch to expand to adjuncts. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:21
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @danmaxey Practice-oriented degrees may need more current skills, less so theoretical ones or humanities? #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:21
@JeffreyKeefer @LydiaFieldSnow1 Welcome; glad the driving was safe (and you can join us!!) 🙂 #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:22
@Comprof1 @PaulaKrebs that’s tough. So what do you do after the two years? Can you renew? #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:22
@danmaxey Off campus clearly more costly, but some insts we have worked w have done great work expanding prof dev designed for adjuncts. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:22
@JeffreyKeefer @danmaxey There is always a cost. Why not hire and use #adjuncts until there skills are outdated, then hire newer ones? #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:23
@Comprof1 @LydiaFieldSnow1 Hi. finish this sentence: What I’d like to change in my current work situation is… #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:23
@PaulaKrebs @danmaxey We’re doing adjunct PD, but it’s not enough.More long-term contracts, more noticeable collective presence of non-tt. #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:23
@LydiaFieldSnow1 #adjunctchat worked hard in my comm to start prof development fundraising through aa for adjts but TT profs furious wouldn’t support it 11/19/2013 16:24
@danmaxey @JeffreyKeefer Well, because continuous turnover doesn’t serve adjuncts, institutions, or students well. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:24
@Comprof1 @PaulaKrebs @danmaxey So what are some strategies adjuncts can use to make these changes? #adjunctchat Or at least live with them? 11/19/2013 16:25
@JeffreyKeefer @danmaxey In many ways, continuous turnover is the same model we have where our shirts, stoves, and tech-gadgets are made #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:25
@LydiaFieldSnow1 #adjunctchat like to attend curr meetings, full time job without worrying about class size, paid more per credit hour that includes prep ti 11/19/2013 16:25
@danmaxey @PaulaKrebs I agree PD isn’t enough. I think it can be a good starting point for many campuses, though. Builds relationships. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:26
@JeffreyKeefer @danmaxey As Higher Education is becoming commodified, why should it be treated (or measured) any differently? #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:26
@Comprof1 @PaulaKrebs @danmaxey I’m wondering if clusters would help address some of this. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:26
@danmaxey Campuses we have worked with that started with PD expanded improvements for adjuncts in other areas after seeing results. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:27
@JeffreyKeefer @LydiaFieldSnow1 How did you arrange for such interesting fundraising? #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:27
@LydiaFieldSnow1 #adjunctchat what is PD? 11/19/2013 16:27
@danmaxey PD = professional development. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:27
@LydiaFieldSnow1 #adjunctchat I was on a committee to improve the voice of instructors on campus sanctioned by faculty senate 11/19/2013 16:28
@LydiaFieldSnow1 #adjunctchat Oh of course! 🙂 11/19/2013 16:28
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @danmaxey model doesn’t work in business either. eventually go back to some hybrid model integrating temps #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:28
@danmaxey @LydiaFieldSnow1 How was the experience. Was the committee effective? #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:28
@LydiaFieldSnow1 We never followed through with it because the TT people on the committee thought is was a bad idea. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:28
@JeffreyKeefer @LydiaFieldSnow1 Try to remember to click the “Reply” button so we know who or which thread you are replying to #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:29
@Comprof1 @danmaxey I think there needs to be a change in mindset that adjuncts don’t have anything to contribute to research/curriculum #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:30
@danmaxey @Comprof1 Absolutely! #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:31
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @danmaxey Not sure; unless manufacturing changes / unions dissolve, manufacturing won’t return. #adjuncts different? #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:31
@LydiaFieldSnow1 #adjunctchat no, we wrote an amendment to the faculty senate constitution instead to give full time instr.vote in depts. 11/19/2013 16:31
@Comprof1 @danmaxey One way to do this is to encourage adjuncts to keep info about pd outside of uni updated. #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:31
@danmaxey @JeffreyKeefer There’s clearly a trend to contingency, but I don’t think we should accept that as the norm. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:32
@danmaxey @Comprof1 We also think disc societies need to have a role in opening access and participation for adjuncts in conferences. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:32
@LydiaFieldSnow1 @Comprof1 ok got it! This is different from last week! 🙂 #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:33
@Comprof1 @danmaxey @JeffreyKeefer Perhaps not, but after 23 yrs as adjunct w/ moving target just out of reach, reality. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:33
@Comprof1 @danmaxey I know of many adjuncts that participate on their own, but if they don’t keep data sheets updated, dept doesn’t know #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:34
@LydiaFieldSnow1 @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat this is really hard to navigate! Oh my blurring adjunct mind. Thanks for the heads up! 11/19/2013 16:34
@JeffreyKeefer @danmaxey Do #adjuncts, who are generally not united in a mass way, have any power to stop it? #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:35
@Comprof1 @danmaxey @PaulaKrebs Interested to know how you keep tabs on adjunct qualifications? esp those who have been adj for long time #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:35
@LydiaFieldSnow1 @danmaxey #adjunctchat I have missed every educ. conference and I teach 3 ed courses that are required for cert in music ed. no invite 11/19/2013 16:36
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @danmaxey I attend and present at a number of conferences, though my two unis do not reward, approve or have input #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:36
@JeffreyKeefer @LydiaFieldSnow1 @danmaxey What sort of invite are you waiting / hoping for? #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:37
@danmaxey @JeffreyKeefer Unions certainly help! I think mass effort needed to build awareness of implications of contingency in any case. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:37
@Comprof1 @LydiaFieldSnow1 @danmaxey Have you contacted the conference to find out if there is funding for PT? #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:38
@LydiaFieldSnow1 @JeffreyKeefer I can’t even afford the fee to go the local GCOA music group in town. My students go for free. It costs $$$ #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:38
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @danmaxey @PaulaKrebs Do many unis track (or care about) ongoing #adjunct qualifications? #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:38
@JeffreyKeefer @danmaxey To that point, I am a member of 2 unions, one at each uni where I teach. Alone = no power #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:39
@LydiaFieldSnow1 @Comprof1 yes we have to provide updated resumes every year and our bios are on the website to students and parents #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:39
@danmaxey @JeffreyKeefer We’ve advocated lower member/reg fees, funding, panels on adjunct issues, more presentations by adjuncts. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:39
@Comprof1 @LydiaFieldSnow1 @JeffreyKeefer Can you contact them? Sometimes you can volunteer and not have to pay. #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:39
@JeffreyKeefer @danmaxey I do not think unions will make a different with #adjunct experiences until they become national (like old AFL-CIO) #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:40
@danmaxey @JeffreyKeefer I think even without a union, there are opportunities to raise awareness and discussion that can help change. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:40
@LydiaFieldSnow1 @Comprof1 also we are reviewed and present portfolios as well the student evaluations #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:40
@JeffreyKeefer @danmaxey Individual uni unions are not strong or large or organized enough for anything more than local, minor matters #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:40
@Comprof1 @LydiaFieldSnow1 that is one step in the right direction. Our school does not have contigent listed. Only in directory. #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:41
@LydiaFieldSnow1 @Comprof1 I literally begged them the last time I went. I don’t have time to volunteer! I teach 4 dif classes #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:41
@PaulaKrebs @JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @danmaxey Qualifications only relevant when hiring. Changes in CVs after that not seen as relvant #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:41
@danmaxey @JeffreyKeefer What do you think of efforts like the newer SEIU metro organizing strategy? #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:41
@JeffreyKeefer @danmaxey Perhaps . . . but let me ask the “E” question. Any evidence individuals have done anything alone to lead to change? #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:42
@Comprof1 @danmaxey @JeffreyKeefer Q3 what are some ways that you control your image/work boundaries? #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:42
@LydiaFieldSnow1 @PaulaKrebs #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:43
@JeffreyKeefer @PaulaKrebs @Comprof1 @danmaxey Perhaps that may be something to consider; should unis expect ongoing qualification refreshers? #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:44
@LydiaFieldSnow1 @PaulaKrebs #adjunctchat sorry I think the biggest change is happening now. Adj waking up. They need recogn for their contrib to universit 11/19/2013 16:44
@danmaxey @JeffreyKeefer My point isn’t indiv efforts. #DelphiProject created guides that facilitate disc about issues on campuses. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:44
@danmaxey @JeffreyKeefer We have heard of some success using the guides to start discussion and making changes. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:45
@Comprof1 @danmaxey @JeffreyKeefer Do you think adjuncts are afraid to set boundaries in their work environment? #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:45
@danmaxey BTW, the #DelphiProject and all our resources are online at http://t.co/mVvSqexYUW #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:45
@danmaxey @Comprof1 I think it can be very risky without job protections. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:46
@LydiaFieldSnow1 @JeffreyKeefer I tried in Univer Advisory Coun give a voice in those bylaws. the provost won’t let us speak #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:46
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @PaulaKrebs @danmaxey they do expect it but then it doesn’t count! Once had teacher refer to adj w/ little MA’s #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:47
@LydiaFieldSnow1 @danmaxey thank you for this. I’ll check it out! #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:47
@JeffreyKeefer RT @Comprof1: @danmaxey @JeffreyKeefer Q3 what are some ways that you control your image/work boundaries? #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:47
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @PaulaKrebs @danmaxey Our TT are always surprised adjuncts have research/contacts outside of dept. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:47
@LydiaFieldSnow1 @Comprof1 Yes, afraid, and also too tired! They are tryinig to survive by working constantly in different locations. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:48
@AdjunctChat @Comprof1 @PaulaKrebs @danmaxey Wow, really live under rocks, they do! #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:49
@AdjunctChat RT @danmaxey: @Comprof1 I think it can be very risky without job protections. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:49
@Comprof1 @LydiaFieldSnow1 @JeffreyKeefer Need to get TT on board. Have you collaborated professionally w/ TT faculty? #AdjunctChat I.e. research/curr 11/19/2013 16:49
@LydiaFieldSnow1 @Comprof1 It is amazing how little they even care what we do. I could be sitting on my head in my classes noone ever asks. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:49
@AdjunctChat @danmaxey and hopefully we can convince you to discuss them at a December #AdjunctChat! 11/19/2013 16:50
@danmaxey @Comprof1 Does finding this out influence how they are treated? #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:50
@Comprof1 @LydiaFieldSnow1 What have you said NO to in terms of work? #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:50
@AdjunctChat @LydiaFieldSnow1 @PaulaKrebs Why do you think #adjuncts are starting to wake up? #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:51
@Comprof1 @LydiaFieldSnow1 I used to be on many committees but didn’t help cause or my own carrier. Now more targeted. #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:51
@LydiaFieldSnow1 @Comprof1 just hired a new prof with music ed back he’s so busy working on his port I begged him to come and observe me.
11/19/2013 16:51
@AdjunctChat @danmaxey I do not know enough about it . . . can you share a link or so to it when you have a moment? #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:51
@AdjunctChat @LydiaFieldSnow1 @Comprof1 Nothing like a focus on educational excellence! #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:52
@danmaxey @AdjunctChat Twitter is automatically shortening URL, but we’re online at http://t.co/mVvSqexYUW #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:52
@LydiaFieldSnow1 @Comprof1 I feel the same way! ready to help my own colleagues now who are strugglin in the same way I do. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:52
@AdjunctChat @danmaxey Great; thanks! #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:53
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @LydiaFieldSnow1 Which ones do you still serve on (and are they at least paid?) #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:54
@LydiaFieldSnow1 @AdjunctChat everyone is talking about it, even TT. Our first union meeting was standing room only! #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:54
@Comprof1 @LydiaFieldSnow1 Well….as long as there aren’t complaints. You know the adjuncts that don’t cut it. Not for long. #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:54
@JeffreyKeefer RT @danmaxey: @AdjunctChat Twitter is automatically shortening URL, but we’re online at http://t.co/6H1MQNjX0Z #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:55
@LydiaFieldSnow1 @JeffreyKeefer No I resigned from faculty senate this fall after I realized I was only instructor left #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:55
@JeffreyKeefer @LydiaFieldSnow1 Good to hear there was such pent-up demand #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:55
@LydiaFieldSnow1 I was never paid for any of my committee work for faculty senate or university advisory council #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:55
@LydiaFieldSnow1 even the instructor I worked this told me to quit senate. He though the provost would be retaliatory #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:56
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @LydiaFieldSnow1 Not on any comm(though asked), but do training, esp paid or grants. Also, doing some reserch #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:56
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @LydiaFieldSnow1 committees aren’t paid at our uni. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:56
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @LydiaFieldSnow1 I also participate in ALL faculty meetings non TT are invited to. Not paid but impact on work. #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:57
@LydiaFieldSnow1 @Comprof1 …in the past for us, so few are left now. It’s sad. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:58
@LydiaFieldSnow1 @Comprof1 we are only invited to non tenured meetings, which meet once a semester #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 16:59
@Comprof1 @danmaxey @JeffreyKeefer Well, time is almost done. So I’ll summarize. Do make sure you take advantage of paid prof dev. #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 16:59
@Comprof1 @danmaxey @JeffreyKeefer Set boundaries for work so you don’t set yourself up for retaliation or burn out. Self promote.#AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 17:01
@Comprof1 @danmaxey @JeffreyKeefer Self promote by updating credentials, conferences, and getting colleagues to observe. #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 17:02
@Comprof1 @danmaxey @JeffreyKeefer We need to start working as a group to demonstrate how short term contracts don’t help. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 17:03
@Comprof1 @danmaxey @JeffreyKeefer Finally, we need to start making voice heard WITH tenure track & admin to make changes. #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 17:04
@Comprof1 @danmaxey @JeffreyKeefer Older Tenure track entrenched power holders can be a roadblock and may not understand current sit #AdjunctChat 11/19/2013 17:05
@Comprof1 @danmaxey @JeffreyKeefer I’m hoping those following #adjunctchat are encouraged and not discouraged. There are ways to improve work. 11/19/2013 17:06
@Comprof1 @danmaxey @JeffreyKeefer Got to sign off now. I don’t think we have #adjunctchat next week. Next one will be Dec 3? 11/19/2013 17:08
@danmaxey @Comprof1 There are certainly ways to improve work and reasons to be encouraged by positive examples from many campuses!! #adjunctchat 11/19/2013 17:13

Transcript from #AdjunctChat on 11/12/13

Colouful speech bubblesThis is the transcript from #AdjunctChat on 11/12/13, and was facilitated by Megan Fulwiler @fulwilerm and Jennifer Marlow ‏@TeachWrt

The topic was Making Contingency Visible.

All are welcome to our next #AdjunctChat on 11/19/13 at 4:00pm EST.

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@TeachWrt We are here for #AdjunctChat   Who else is ready to begin discussing c? 11/12/2013 16:01:23
@JeffreyKeefer RT @fulwilerm: Join us 11/12 at 4:00 for #AdjunctChat where @TeachWrt and I facilitweet discussion on “Making Contingency Visible.” http://… 11/12/2013 16:02:12
@DrHepner Hello #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:02:15
@JeffreyKeefer @TeachWrt Glad to be here for today’s #adjunctchat discussion. Thanks for leading it!! 11/12/2013 16:03:02
@DrHepner Hello, Dr. Keefer! @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:03:51
@JeffreyKeefer What application is everybody using to follow along with #adjunctchat? 11/12/2013 16:04:35
@JeffreyKeefer @DrHepner Good afternoon to you as well, Dr. Hepner! #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:04:54
@JeffreyKeefer The overview for today’s #adjunctchat is here http://t.co/AFdcDKn7v3 11/12/2013 16:05:13
@ProfessorF74 If you haven’t done so yet, visit @josh_boldt’s GoogleDoc:  https://t.co/1MNS5pTP4Q #AdjunctChat #1000ReasonsItSucksToBeAnAdjunct 11/12/2013 16:05:32
@TeachWrt @JeffreyKeefer We wanted to get a sense of  how people experience the invisibility of the issue of contingency in their work #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:05:33
@AdjunctAction Check out #adjunctchat, happening now. #adjuncts #highered 11/12/2013 16:06:56
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Glad you could make it! #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:07:13
@TeachWrt @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer video preview of what? #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:07:28
@Comprof1 @TeachWrt @JeffreyKeefer Over the last few months, we’ve found there’s both similarities but also real differences. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:07:43
@JeffreyKeefer RT @AdjunctAction Check out #adjunctchat, happening now. #adjuncts #highered 11/12/2013 16:07:46
@TeachWrt @Comprof1 where do you work?  #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:08:05
@2255Films RT @JeffreyKeefer: The overview for today’s #adjunctchat is here http://t.co/AFdcDKn7v3 11/12/2013 16:08:13
@Eero_Laine RT @AdjunctAction: Check out #adjunctchat, happening now. #adjuncts #highered 11/12/2013 16:08:19
@ProfessorF74 RT @AdjunctAction: Check out #adjunctchat, happening now. #adjuncts #highered 11/12/2013 16:08:41
@Comprof1 @TeachWrt @JeffreyKeefer Okay, I’m here.  Just to let you know, the last scene in the video preview is where I work! #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:09:02
@DrHepner I am a FT faculty member, but I also adjunct in a grad program. I really contextualizes Gappa and Leslie’s “Invisible Faculty” #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:09:14
@fulwilerm @Comprof1 @TeachWrt @JeffreyKeefer Similarities and differences in what ways? #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:09:25
@2255Films Afternoon everyone. I’ll be here lurking for the most part. Don’t mind me. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:09:30
@Comprof1 @TeachWrt UAlbany. But I’ve worked at a number of colleges in the capital district (but not St. Rose!) #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:09:59
@fulwilerm @2255Films Welcome! Lurking fits right in with our theme of invisibility:) #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:10:56
@JeffreyKeefer Did everybody see the video Con Job by today’s #AdjunctChat discussants @fulwilerm and @TeachWrt 11/12/2013 16:11:05
@fulwilerm @Comprof1 @TeachWrt What a small world! #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:11:27
@Comprof1 @fulwilerm @TeachWrt @JeffreyKeefer Different reasons for adjuncting. similiar issues in not feeling equal to Tenured #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:11:28
@JeffreyKeefer RT @fulwilerm @2255Films Welcome! Lurking fits right in with our theme of invisibility:) #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:11:40
@Comprof1 @fulwilerm @TeachWrt @JeffreyKeefer For some, hoping to get Tenure track job (TT). Others like teaching and 2nd job. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:12:16
@ProfessorF74 @JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm @2255Films Good. I’m mostly lurking, too. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:12:36
@Comprof1 @fulwilerm @TeachWrt @JeffreyKeefer Some have Phd’s. Some have professional experience. Many are frustrated. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:12:47
@JeffreyKeefer RT @Eero_Laine RT @AdjunctAction: Check out #adjunctchat, happening now. #adjuncts #highered 11/12/2013 16:12:53
@fulwilerm @Comprof1 @TeachWrt @JeffreyKeefer Shows the many different reasons for adjuncting. And the many different kinds of adjuncts. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:13:38
@Comprof1 @fulwilerm @TeachWrt don’t know if you are aware, but link to your sight was sent out to UAlbany faculty We thought good fit w/#AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:14:31
@TeachWrt .@Comprof1 yes. I think it’s imprtant that even those who want PT work acknowledge the inequity & work to rectify it. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:14:34
@Comprof1 @fulwilerm @TeachWrt @JeffreyKeefer For those in your documentary was it the same? #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:15:20
@JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm @Comprof1 @TeachWrt One thing I learned while engaging in #AdjunctChat and interacting is how diverse this population is. 11/12/2013 16:15:25
@JeffreyKeefer @TeachWrt @Comprof1 Can you talk a little about what you mean by and have in your mind when you mention “inequity” ? #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:16:32
@fulwilerm @Comprof1 @TeachWrt @JeffreyKeefer Almost everyone we interviwed was hoping for a full-time position. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:16:49
@Comprof1 @TeachWrt I think feeling invisible is worse. Some places I’ve worked has made me feel welcome & equal #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:17:05
@DrJessicaLanger We’re HIRING a (paid) #socialmedia #marketing intern for the month of Jan! http://t.co/2O2ThNr1oY #altac #postac #ecrchat #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:17:58
@Comprof1 @TeachWrt One advantage to being PT is ability to leave if admin not good to contingents. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:18:27
@TeachWrt .@JeffreyKeefer well the greatest and most concrete inequity is seen in the pay discrepancy but there is unequal status #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:18:30
@JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm @Comprof1 @TeachWrt Interesting, so in that way being an #adjunct means somebody who did not get tenure? #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:18:33
@fulwilerm @JeffreyKeefer @TeachWrt @Comprof1 Among usual suspects are pay, space, and benefits. But also access to faculty governance. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:18:55
@Comprof1 @TeachWrt In our area, at least, adjuncts are always needed last minute. Still silent though. #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:19:10
@JeffreyKeefer @TeachWrt Yes, though the pay inequity also involves levels of commitment on both sides #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:19:27
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @TeachWrt I’ve seen more & more expectations of adjuncts over last 20 yrs. Today I do same work but at 1/4 pay #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:21:05
@JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm @TeachWrt @Comprof1 I have always worked FT as I can not afford to work only as an #AdjunctChat #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:21:09
@TeachWrt .@JeffreyKeefer #AdjunctChat you mentioned the diversity of this population so we also include people who would never have the opp 4 tenure 11/12/2013 16:21:30
@fulwilerm @Comprof1 @TeachWrt Many admin I talk with are sympathetic but feel their hands are tied. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:21:48
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @fulwilerm @TeachWrt I tend to wonder what this means for the discipline and how knowledge is created + disseminated #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:22:36
@Comprof1 @fulwilerm @JeffreyKeefer @TeachWrt Can you elaborate about the governence? Were there differences between type of institute? #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:22:37
@melovell @celloandbow I don’t think I can today but will check the #adjunctchat hashtag later to catch up. 11/12/2013 16:23:01
@ProfessorF74 @fulwilerm @Comprof1 @TeachWrt Do these admins keep adding provosts, vice provosts, etc. positions while overusing #adjuncts? #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:23:43
@Comprof1 @fulwilerm @TeachWrt What role did research play? Were there people doing admin work for free so they could have > voice? #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:23:45
@JeffreyKeefer @TeachWrt Not having the opportunity for tenure because it is not available may be different from those who don’t opp for it #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:24:15
@fulwilerm @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @TeachWrt We spoke with adjuncts from wide variety of institutions. None had role in any governance. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:24:17
@LydiaFieldSnow1 @fulwilerm @TeachWrt  #adjunctchat I found you! MECCA! I am so happy to know of this resource. I have been working to organize adjuncts 11/12/2013 16:24:33
@JeffreyKeefer I wonder how #adjunct work is effected by the sheer explosion in practitioner degrees and practitioner doctorates #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:24:43
@TeachWrt #AdjunctChat do any of the lurkers want to get in on the conversation about the range in types of adjuncts & feelings about inquiry? 11/12/2013 16:24:46
@fulwilerm @LydiaFieldSnow1 @TeachWrt Welcome!! We’d love to hear what you’ve done! #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:25:32
@JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm @Comprof1 @TeachWrt Let me play advocatus diaboli — why should part-time workers have a role in FT governance? #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:25:52
@JeffreyKeefer @LydiaFieldSnow1 Welcome to #adjunctchat! @fulwilerm @TeachWrt 11/12/2013 16:26:40
@Comprof1 @fulwilerm @TeachWrt I worked at 1 college where adjuncts were part of curriculum dev & schoolwide training 1/sem (paid extra) #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:26:57
@JeffreyKeefer @ProfessorF74 Glad you were able to make it to #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:27:08
@DrHepner I am bombarded with law school grads who are struggling in an over saturated market!  Don’t go to law school!  @JeffreyKeefer  #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:27:20
@TeachWrt .@JeffreyKeefer #AdjunctChat it’s completely dependent on that – a vicious capitalist cycle. programs turn out workers 2 use on the cheap 11/12/2013 16:27:23
@LydiaFieldSnow1 @Comprof1  #adjunctchat Yes I am creating curriculum in music ed department. The students respect me because they know I rely on real work 11/12/2013 16:27:29
@JeffreyKeefer @melovell Great; you can always reply to #adjunctchat outside of our live chat here; the keyword tag is always open! 11/12/2013 16:27:48
@Comprof1 @fulwilerm @JeffreyKeefer @TeachWrt Only place where I felt adjuncts were thought of as colleagues. EVERYONE was paid low! #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:28:01
@JeffreyKeefer @LydiaFieldSnow1 What do you mean you rely on real work?  @Comprof1 #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:28:44
@LydiaFieldSnow1 @JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1  #adjunctchat I taught music in schools to children for many years before being hired to teach music ed classes 11/12/2013 16:29:29
@fulwilerm .@JeffreyKeefer TT faculty are now only half of the professoriate on any given campus.  So decisions are made by the few #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:29:32
@JeffreyKeefer @TeachWrt Yes, #adjunct work is similar to Wal-Mart or cheap Chinese imports; as much to get for paying a little #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:29:44
@Comprof1 @TeachWrt @JeffreyKeefer Did you find some fields worse than others (you mentioned comp/eng & foreign language in film) #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:29:50
@LydiaFieldSnow1 @JeffreyKeefer @TeachWrt  #adjunctchat I agree. Walmart ad on facebook to not shop. I will spend my Thanksgiving weekend grading without pay 11/12/2013 16:30:39
@Comprof1 @fulwilerm @JeffreyKeefer Even those w/ unions because many adjuncts don’t join unions. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:30:48
@JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm Isn’t that how all organizations work; decisions made by the few? #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:30:49
@JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm Even amongst TT faculty, they still take their marching orders from their own few in power #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:31:19
@Comprof1 @fulwilerm @JeffreyKeefer So how do you think contingents can find their voice? #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:31:19
@fulwilerm .@Comprof1 It’s clear from the data we’ve looked at that the humanities is leading the way! #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:31:27
@JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm In many ways the #adjunct issue I see becoming increasingly important revolves around unionization of some sort #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:32:15
@LydiaFieldSnow1 So energized by your work on twitter. It has been worst fall semester. 4 classes 4 preps, pay cut. less credit hours and 83%! #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:32:29
@TeachWrt .@JeffreyKeefer #AdjunctChat perhaps. But higher Ed has often claimed transparency & “shared gov” should mean just that – democracy not corp 11/12/2013 16:32:52
@fulwilerm @JeffreyKeefer Taxation without representation? W/o a voice, adjuncts have no role in institutions that rely on them. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:33:17
@Comprof1 @fulwilerm Why? Is it because they aren’t “bringing in money”? Or have their departments been cut? Or oversupply? #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:33:22
@LydiaFieldSnow1 email from union warning us not to have students sign petition in our classes, and it sounded like she was chummy with provost. #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:33:33
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @fulwilerm I am not sure if there is a single notion of what “finding their voice” means given diversity + experience #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:34:09
@fulwilerm .@JeffreyKeefer And TT faculty remain in an ever shrinking bubble. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:34:27
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm Unions are a start, but contingent need to feel they can point out inequity w/out losing job. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:34:31
@LydiaFieldSnow1 I was on committee to build shared governance at Instructors Voice. I can share our statement with you. It was voted down. #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:34:39
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm Really the same in all industries today. My sister is in government & same problem. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:35:10
@fulwilerm @JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Sure. But without any form of representation at schools w/o unions, there’s only silence. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:35:28
@JeffreyKeefer Note to self: include the term “contingents” in the #adjunctchat header and “About” page. 11/12/2013 16:35:39
@DrHepner Oh, please don’t, Jennifer!  The law is a horrible place to be these days.@TeachWrt @JeffreyKeefer #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:35:44
@LydiaFieldSnow1 I chaired the committee and met with instructors and profs in big meetings and read a statement. Then the cuts came in the fall #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:35:46
@fulwilerm .@LydiaFieldSnow1 I’d be interested in seeing this. And who voted it down? #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:36:19
@JeffreyKeefer @LydiaFieldSnow1 I cannot but think that the notion of shared governance is not as equal and rosy as it seems #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:36:35
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm Tenure means you can speak up. Non tenured means you can be fired at will w/out any reason. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:36:40
@LydiaFieldSnow1 the full time faculty were only allowed to vote on it. #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:36:40
@LydiaFieldSnow1 I mean tenure and tenure track faculty. We had over half of the faculty who wanted instructors able to vote in deparmt meetings #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:37:25
@AdjunctYoda @JeffreyKeefer Yes, yes, yes: “contingent” covers a wider spectrum (e.g., untenured faculty on multi-year contracts).  #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:37:29
@fulwilerm .@LydiaFieldSnow1 I was going to guess that but didn’t want to be too cynical. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:37:42
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm Adjuncts should be able to ask for raise, job security, input in curriculum, access to resources. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:38:02
@fulwilerm @JeffreyKeefer @LydiaFieldSnow1 Ain’t nothing rosy about shared governance. But without it, there’s nada. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:38:33
@JeffreyKeefer @TeachWrt @fulwilerm Given your work and video, is this tied to a research project you are engaging in as well? #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:38:54
@LydiaFieldSnow1 president said to me in elevator after the first senate meeting”I’m sorry your load was cut. But we all have to make a living.” #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:38:55
@LydiaFieldSnow1 And then I quit senate and found you all on twitter. Wow the light bulbs are going crazy in my brain. #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:39:22
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @fulwilerm Why should PT employees hired for a short-term contract be entitled to anything beyond what is offered? #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:39:44
@LydiaFieldSnow1 I have written not one but two petitions. I have made new friends. I don’t feel crazy any more.  #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:39:52
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @LydiaFieldSnow1 Is if you get paid for it As i said, uni I worked at had sem meeting on policies & PT was paid. #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:40:30
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @fulwilerm Given more folks with advanced degrees than positions for them, it seems an employer’s dream scenario #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:40:50
@TeachWrt @JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm the film is the culmination of / vehicle for our research and a hopefully a resource for advocacy #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:40:59
@JeffreyKeefer RT @LydiaFieldSnow1 I have written not one but two petitions. I have made new friends. I don’t feel crazy any more.  #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:41:03
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm Because they are doing the same work as TT. I am at least & > 2 semesters is not short term #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:41:54
@LydiaFieldSnow1 @TeachWrt Would love to bring your movie to Northeastern Illinois University. Big justice studies program.  #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:42:10
@TeachWrt .@JeffreyKeefer #AdjunctChat it is employers dream scenario, so what can we do to change it. Lots of unethical scenarios support the system 11/12/2013 16:43:29
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm Just b/c they have degree doesn’t mean they can teach. Rather than hire warm bodies hire instructors #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:43:29
@fulwilerm @LydiaFieldSnow1 @TeachWrt The full-length film will be available in the spring via open access digital press. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:43:59
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm They may not need them every semester but better ed outcomes w/ long term adjuncts #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:44:05
@JeffreyKeefer @AdjunctYoda Indeed, it also includes untenured faculty on short-term contracts #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:44:33
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm If they are long term working with students, they should have voice in curriculum direction in dept #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:44:45
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @fulwilerm I wonder how much evidence there is to support better outcomes with long- vs. short-term #adjuncts #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:45:22
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm Also can bring expertise from outside of academia. Should be compensated for that #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:45:26
@fulwilerm @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Absolutely. It’s @NewFacMajority’s mantra that “teaching conditions=student learning conditions” #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:45:27
@JeffreyKeefer RT @fulwilerm @LydiaFieldSnow1 @TeachWrt The full-length film will be available in the spring via open access digital press. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:45:48
@JeffreyKeefer RT @LydiaFieldSnow1: And then I quit senate and found you all on twitter. Wow the light bulbs are going crazy in my brain. #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:46:39
@Comprof1 @fulwilerm @LydiaFieldSnow1 @TeachWrt Have you submitted to WMHT’s local documentary comp to get greater audience? #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:46:47
@JeffreyKeefer @TeachWrt @fulwilerm That seems a great contribution to the growing #adjunct discussion #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:47:15
@fulwilerm @JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 I think it’s a retention issue. Or should be. Support teachers to help students persists and thrive. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:47:19
@JeffreyKeefer @TeachWrt @fulwilerm What led you two to begin making the video? #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:47:36
@JeffreyKeefer RT @TeachWrt: .@JeffreyKeefer #AdjunctChat perhaps. But higher Ed has often claimed transparency & “shared gov” should mean just that – dem… 11/12/2013 16:47:44
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm And this is the problem No evidence No study No exit interview why adjuncts leave. Only student evals #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:48:47
@JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm @Comprof1 @NewFacMajority Makes sense, though as an advocatus diaboli, I wonder if there is evidence to support it #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:49:48
@VCVaile sorry to be late – interruptions #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:51:03
@fulwilerm .@JeffreyKeefer It started as a video response to Comp/Rhet PD video “Take 20” w/top scholars. We wanted to hear from adjuncts #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:51:44
@JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm @Comprof1 @NewFacMajority Perhaps evidence is something to come from some of us? I want to do #adjunct research #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:51:54
@LydiaFieldSnow1 fav instrs voice com commnt: “This is a disaster for the university. It is basically apartheid and the doom of the university” #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:53:11
@JeffreyKeefer @VCVaile You are never late! You arrive precisely when you mean to (bad paraphrase from Gandalf!). Welcome!  #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:53:16
@JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm I found it fully engaging; so glad you shared it. Can’t wait to hear about more! #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:54:08
@fulwilerm .@JeffreyKeefer The more we talked with ad/con faculty, the more complex the issue grew. We wanted to peel onion. Still trying #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:54:09
@LydiaFieldSnow1 the person who said that was a lawyer who taught in Justice Studies dept. Without her the students would be lost. She knew! #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:54:46
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm @NewFacMajority But where will research end up? Hate to say it mary margaret’s death did more to help #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:54:54
@JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm Did this come out of your disciplinary perspective, or an issue of passion? #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:55:07
@TeachWrt .@JeffreyKeefer @NewFacMajority we agree. Studies have been done & published  bur good data is hard 2 come by. #adjunctchat #research 11/12/2013 16:56:06
@VCVaile @JeffreyKeefer even the note intended to be longer was interrupted by someone at the door; getting to #adjunctchat by a contrary computer 11/12/2013 16:56:23
@fulwilerm .@JeffreyKeefer Lots of great evidence out there, but def need more. Delphi Project is a good resource #AdjunctChat http://t.co/yjYXpDm6Sx 11/12/2013 16:56:45
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @fulwilerm @NewFacMajority As much as I take a qualitative view, quant #’s can provide evidence of #adjunct impact #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:57:13
@JeffreyKeefer This has been a wonderful #adjunctchat and I really wish I could remain longer, but I have to leave the office and go and #adjunct teach! 11/12/2013 16:58:07
@fulwilerm @JeffreyKeefer I’m WPA of a small writing program & work directly with ad/con instructors. Grew out of a disciplinary passion. #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:58:29
@TeachWrt .@JeffreyKeefer for me – both – passion about labor issues and anger at my own field leading the way in casualization of labor #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:58:29
@JeffreyKeefer I look forward to reading the #adjunctchat later tonight and following along more then. 11/12/2013 16:58:35
@LydiaFieldSnow1 Anderson Report spoke of lack of instructor’s voice effecting entire university.Had to hire a consultant to get there!  #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 16:58:52
@fulwilerm .@JeffreyKeefer Thank you so much for inviting us here today! It’s been great:) #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:59:30
@Comprof1 @TeachWrt @JeffreyKeefer @NewFacMajority Didn’t you say you had resistance in presenting your research? #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 16:59:42
@JeffreyKeefer @fulwilerm @TeachWrt Thank you both for a wonderful #AdjunctChat this week. Hope you can do this again? Some open weeks = Tues, Dec 10 & 17 11/12/2013 17:00:01
@TeachWrt Thanks everyone for participating! #AdjunctChat 11/12/2013 17:00:10
@JeffreyKeefer Please, keep talking! This is so vigorous today! #adjunctchat 11/12/2013 17:00:57
@JeffreyKeefer Next week’s #AdjunctChat – Tues, Nov 19 – Topic – “Ways to change / control the work environment” – led by Virginia Yonkers @Comprof1 11/12/2013 17:01:22
@thesiswhisperer RT @JeffreyKeefer: I look forward to reading the #adjunctchat later tonight and following along more then. 11/12/2013 17:01:27
@JeffreyKeefer Let us know about volunteers to lead #adjunctchat on Tues, Dec 10 & 17 11/12/2013 17:01:52
@Comprof1 @teachwrt & @fulwilerm Can’t wait to see the film! #adjunctchat Maybe we can do something at UAlbany We were just furloughed (yes, adjuncts) 11/12/2013 17:03:10
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer For those new to #adjunctchat you can follow @adjunctchat and find schedule on linked blog. Share the site & time (Tues at 4) 11/12/2013 17:05:06

Transcript from #AdjunctChat on 11/5/13

Colouful speech bubblesThis is the transcript from #AdjunctChat on 11/5/13, and was facilitated by Virginia Yonkers (@Comprof1).  The topic was Attending Conferences.

All are welcome to our next #AdjunctChat on 11/12/13 at 4:00pm EST.

From User Text Time
@Comprof1 #adjunctchat about to begin in a few minutes. Today’s topic is participating in conferences. 11/5/2013 15:55:31
@Comprof1 #adjunctchat @AdjunctChat Today’s topic: participating in conferences. See a description and preview of questions http://t.co/28mo2fwzqZ 11/5/2013 15:56:48
@JeffreyKeefer RT @Comprof1: #adjunctchat @AdjunctChat Today’s topic: participating in conferences. See a description and preview of questions http://t.co… 11/5/2013 15:58:50
@JeffreyKeefer RT @Comprof1: #adjunctchat about to begin in a few minutes. Today’s topic is participating in conferences. 11/5/2013 15:59:00
@Comprof1 Welcome to #AdjunctChat Hope we can share some useful information today. 11/5/2013 15:59:11
@JeffreyKeefer Looking forward to today’s #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 15:59:52
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Thanks for facilitating today’s #adjunctchat! Important topic to me! 11/5/2013 16:00:16
@Comprof1 Hope all of you in the US voted today! #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:01:34
@JeffreyKeefer Connecting 2 the World: #adjunctchat Nov 4: Attending conferences http://t.co/nk1IXaOg2s 11/5/2013 16:01:51
@Melissa_Venable Joining in … 🙂 RT @JeffreyKeefer Looking forward to today’s #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:01:59
@JeffreyKeefer @Melissa_Venable Nice to see you today! #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:02:12
@Melissa_Venable @JeffreyKeefer Thanks! I’m actually working on a conference presentation as we tweet. 🙂 #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:02:44
@Comprof1 So I’m going to post the first question. This was precipitated by #adjunctchat follower who said he’d never participate in a conference 11/5/2013 16:03:03
@JeffreyKeefer @Melissa_Venable I just submitted two conference papers, and have 3 more waiting for me to begin #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:05:29
@Comprof1 Q1) Are conferences worth the time and effort for an adjunct? Let me try this again. #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:05:48
@Melissa_Venable @JeffreyKeefer Wow! That’s a lot of papers. 🙂 Very cool. #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:06:33
@Melissa_Venable Yes! Professional development, networking, and more RT @Comprof1 Q1) Are conferences worth the time and effort for an adjunct? #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:07:23
@Comprof1 #AdjunctChat A1 Sometimes I think it’s great for networking but other times not sure it’s worth the effort 11/5/2013 16:07:30
@JeffreyKeefer RT @Comprof1 Q1) Are conferences worth the time and effort for an adjunct? Let me try this again. #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:08:45
@Melissa_Venable @Comprof1 I think you have to be choosy. It can get expensive, and not all events will be a good fit.  #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:08:47
@Comprof1 @Melissa_Venable Can you give an example of professional development? How did it affect your adjuncting? #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:09:04
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 I believe conferences are worth the time and effort, though all for personal satisfaction #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:09:16
@JeffreyKeefer Q1 I believe conferences are worth the time and effort, though all for personal satisfaction #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:09:39
@Comprof1 @Melissa_Venable Do you participate in local, national, international, or online conferences? #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:10:14
@melovell RT @Comprof1: #adjunctchat about to begin in a few minutes. Today’s topic is participating in conferences. 11/5/2013 16:10:27
@Melissa_Venable @Comprof1 #ProfDev examples: workshops, presenting. Staying current in field is good for my work as an adjunct. #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:10:27
@Melissa_Venable @Comprof1 All of the above at one point or another. Online conferences can be great experiences, and more affordable. #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:11:23
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Is that how you choose which conferences to participate in?#AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:11:25
@JeffreyKeefer Q1 I like the colleagues I see at conferences, along with intellectual stimulation and feeling part of a community of inquiry #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:11:27
@JeffreyKeefer @melovell Welcome to #adjunctchat! 11/5/2013 16:11:38
@JeffreyKeefer @Melissa_Venable @Comprof1 Q1 I have a weakness for international (European) conferences, though it rarely helps my US work!  #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:12:25
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Q1 I select conferences based on the attendees and the subject matter; I have to be engaged #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:12:58
@melovell Q1 I’m not sure. Done 3ish this year and while it’s a good deadline for work I do feel a bit of an outsider #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:13:19
@Comprof1 #AdjunctChat We’ve sort of addressed this next question: Q2 2) What are the benefits to participating in a conference? 11/5/2013 16:13:32
@melovell @JeffreyKeefer Thanks good to see you guys again. Only 8am here. #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:14:19
@Melissa_Venable @JeffreyKeefer Agreed! It’s got to be interesting in some way – topics covered, people I’ll connect with, keynote speakers. #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:14:46
@Comprof1 @melovell I’ve found that is often the case. Especially if you are member of multiple faculties. #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:15:20
@JeffreyKeefer @Melissa_Venable Q1 To this point, I know that I spend more for annual conferences than I get back in tangible costs #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:16:27
@Comprof1 A2 I’ve found some great research partners through conferences. Also some new ways of doing things. #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:16:42
@melovell @Comprof1 Good to see what others are working on. Often catch up with people I haven’t seen in a while. #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:17:09
@Melissa_Venable @Comprof1 Yes – new ways of doing things! Can be helpful to hear about other perspectives, approaches. #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:17:49
@JeffreyKeefer @melovell Q1 Do you tend to attend the same ones every year? #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:18:22
@Melissa_Venable @melovell @Comprof1 Also fun to meet in-person, people I’ve already met via social media, networks #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:18:41
@Comprof1 A3 one challenge is if I’m self financing and am teaching at multiple locations is who to id as institution. #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:18:41
@Melissa_Venable @JeffreyKeefer There are two I try to attend every year in person, then one or two more online. Gotta keep costs manageable.  #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:19:28
@JeffreyKeefer Q1 One point: I never (ok, rarely) attend a conference when I am not presenting a paper; I want a line on the CV for the costs #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:19:41
@JeffreyKeefer @Melissa_Venable Q1 You are practical, as I try not to see the costs  #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:20:02
@Comprof1 Q3 Other problem is lack of business cards. Makes me less legit. #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:20:09
@JeffreyKeefer @Melissa_Venable Q1 Also, I have not had the most success with online conferences #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:21:10
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Does presenting increase your social capital? #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:21:25
@melovell @Comprof1 I always feel bashful admitting im not permanent staff and it’s almost the 1st piece of info people want to know. #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:21:35
@JeffreyKeefer @Melissa_Venable @Melissa_Venable Q1 The sole exception of online being #TtW12, so attended #TtW13 in person #adjunctchat #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:22:19
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Good question; I have not really considered social capital when attending conferences #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:22:46
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @Melissa_Venable I actually have participated in more online conf over last 10 years But you are well situated #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:22:56
@Melissa_Venable @JeffreyKeefer I think the online ones can mean more work, i.e. more concerted effort to log in and connect w/other attendees #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:23:01
@melovell @Melissa_Venable Yes I like that too. 😉 #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:23:11
@JeffreyKeefer How do others consider conferences and social capital, if at all? #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:23:14
@Comprof1 @melovell which I think adds to the feeling of being an outsider. #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:23:43
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer On one hand, needed to maintain job on other hand not useful for grants/tt jobs. #AdjunctChat They want those in permenantjob 11/5/2013 16:25:12
@melovell @Comprof1 Yes it does. Though I think it’s important to be visible and conferences are a good way to do that. #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:26:14
@Comprof1 Last 2 What are some strategies finding conferences and participating in them? #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:27:30
@Comprof1 5) What are realistic expectations for participating in conferences and the impact it will have on your career? #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:27:48
@melovell @Comprof1 Q5 Conferences help to prioritise research by setting a deadline and are also good for name recognition. #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:29:32
@Comprof1 I’ve found being on conference announcements & profess orgs are good sources of conferences #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:29:41
@Comprof1 Also, twitter network can help to id conferences and funding to participate. #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:30:22
@JeffreyKeefer Fascinating #adjunctchat right now on Conferences and being an #adjunct. All are welcome! #AltAc #ECRchat #phdchat 11/5/2013 16:30:49
@Melissa_Venable A4) What conferences are your mentors, leaders in your field attending? Sponsored by your prof assns? Addressing key topics? #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:31:09
@Comprof1 @Comprof1 I also “participate” vicariously by doing research w/ tt faculty who have funding to go to conferences #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:31:20
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 I have never found funding via Twitter (and rarely ever in person, to be honest). Is there any? #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:31:29
@Comprof1 @melovell SOOO True.  I can get a potential article written by first submitting to conference #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:32:10
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer I’ve found funding sources or conferences w/ funding through my network. #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:33:14
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 THAT is my challenge, namely moving from idea to article (even after a conference) #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:33:39
@melovell @JeffreyKeefer Same. If there’s conf funding available it’s usually for students. I pay full price & have no school funding. #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:33:42
@fabianbanga @AdjunctChat @ProfessorF74 @AdjunctAction @josh_boldt @TeachWrt we are here #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:33:56
@melovell @Comprof1 Ooh that’s a good idea. I keep meaning to do that. #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:34:29
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer You need to visit the publishers at all of the conferences. Ask what they’re looking for. #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:34:45
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer I’ve also had my papers solicited for submission by editors. #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:35:33
@melovell @Comprof1 Yep using this month’s #acwrimo to try to work a conference paper into an article. #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:35:58
@fabianbanga Brutal experience I had in this area a month ago; a conference empty with a big majority of the population grad students. #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:36:33
@Melissa_Venable RT @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer You need to visit the publishers at all of the conferences. Ask what they’re looking for. #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:36:33
@Comprof1 @fabianbanga @AdjunctChat @ProfessorF74 @AdjunctAction @josh_boldt @TeachWrt Jump in at anytime! #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:36:42
@melovell @JeffreyKeefer Yeah that’s my challenge too. Trying not to let conference papers languish unpublished after conference. #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:38:10
@Comprof1 @fabianbanga One way around this is to see who is organizing. #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:38:31
@Comprof1 @melovell @JeffreyKeefer Why is that? One option is to id publications being pushed at conference and target for submission #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:39:56
@JeffreyKeefer @Melissa_Venable A4 This is such a challenge for us interdisciplinary people, also what makes it interesting! #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:40:39
@JeffreyKeefer @fabianbanga Welcome! #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:40:54
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Perhaps this may be something to hear more about, cf. funding for #adjuncts #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:41:19
@fabianbanga @Comprof1 I think a symptom related to job market #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:41:29
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @melovell I agree; the challenge is finding the time to write for publication without the pressures to do so #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:41:55
@Melissa_Venable @JeffreyKeefer Yes! It can be good to be on the “outside” sometimes -change of perspective, cover niche area of a larger topic #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:42:05
@fabianbanga A problem I see often is the recycling of presentations = to the recycling of articles. #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:42:26
@JeffreyKeefer @melovell If only 1 had a publication for every paper I presented . . . #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:42:28
@melovell @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Just the usual time pressures of teaching & the search for more work. Need to keep writing a priority #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:43:03
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Our contract has reimbursement. Also some funding opportunities w/ research funds #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:43:07
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Sometimes working with TT faculty on research project gives access to conference funding. #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:43:55
@JeffreyKeefer @fabianbanga What happened with that? #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:44:18
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 That is a great idea! #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:44:33
@fabianbanga @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer We have stipends for conferences for everyone at my college/  (universal) #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:44:55
@JeffreyKeefer @fabianbanga Can you talk more about what you mean regarding this recycling?  #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:45:00
@melovell @JeffreyKeefer He he, me too! Though sometimes I have presented a couple of different iterations of one paper to confs. #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:45:08
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Local conference sometimes allows you to participate for free if you volunteer to help out. #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:45:45
@melovell @JeffreyKeefer It helps to push my thinking forwards. #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:45:49
@JeffreyKeefer @melovell Can you talk about your experience with #acwrimo from an #adjunct / PT instructor perspective?  #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:46:31
@fabianbanga @JeffreyKeefer You see a scholar offering a presentation in conf 1 and 80% similar presentation in conference 2 (or identical) #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:47:05
@Comprof1 @melovell @JeffreyKeefer I’m with you there! just not sure it helps with the job search. #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:48:08
@JeffreyKeefer @fabianbanga Ahh, got it. I have definitely seen that before #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:48:19
@melovell @JeffreyKeefer I am trying to write my own stuff in the mornings and grade in afternoons. #adjunctchat #acwrimo 11/5/2013 16:49:10
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @melovell I’ve been a volunteer moderator and it really keeps me motivated to write. #AdjunctChat Problem w/ keeping up grade 11/5/2013 16:49:27
@fabianbanga @JeffreyKeefer I saw the same presentation twice in a month in October (Identical PowerPoint presentation) #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:50:10
@JeffreyKeefer To all this point about conferences and #adjuncts, I think I want to do some research into the #adjunct experience #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:50:14
@Comprof1 Has anyone participated in professional (non academic) conference? How is that different? Useful? #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:50:36
@JeffreyKeefer @fabianbanga Really, identical?!?! #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:50:47
@melovell @Comprof1 I’m not sure anything helps with the job search. Just kidding (kind of). 😉 #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:50:53
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @fabianbanga I’ve seen the same. Also read basically same journal articles by same author in different journals #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:51:57
@Melissa_Venable @Comprof1 yes – have attended web developer events (as an instructional designer) and social media conferences (as a blogger) #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:52:02
@JeffreyKeefer RT @melovell: @Comprof1 I’m not sure anything helps with the job search. Just kidding (kind of). 😉 #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:52:48
@Comprof1 @melovell Actually, job search helped me to complete an article for submission! Wanted it as sample of writing #AdjunctChat #AcWriMo 11/5/2013 16:53:11
@Melissa_Venable @Comprof1 Useful from the standpoint of prof dev in alt-ac environment. Can be very different atmosphere, in a good way. 🙂  #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:53:45
@melovell @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @fabianbanga Many journals checking for that not with plagiarism software. #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:53:58
@Comprof1 @Melissa_Venable Did you get different things out of it than in academic conference? #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:54:13
@fabianbanga My problem with conferences is when the mix presentations from companies/vendors and scholars; very unprofessional #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:54:26
@melovell @Comprof1 That’s a good motivator 🙂 #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:54:56
@Comprof1 @Melissa_Venable Wonder if this is advantage to adjuncts. Perhaps should be looking also at prof conf #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:55:01
@fabianbanga @JeffreyKeefer yes, identical; just conversational changes  #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 16:55:33
@JeffreyKeefer @fabianbanga Is that a reason to make conference intentions clear? #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:56:15
@Melissa_Venable @Comprof1 Yes, new convos. Practical application focus can change the way you see things. Can try your skill set in new arena. #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:56:27
@Comprof1 Well, it’s been 55 minutes so we should begin to wrap up. What did you take away from the #adjunctchat today? 11/5/2013 16:57:49
@JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 I take away that publishing is part of the conference experience, and I want to make that clearer in my experience #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 16:59:32
@melovell @Comprof1 Wow that went quick. Good to see you all again. I’d better start my work day. #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 17:00:15
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Do you mean paper to article? #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 17:00:46
@JeffreyKeefer This has been a very valuable discussion today in #adjunctchat Thanks everybody!! 11/5/2013 17:00:51
@Melissa_Venable @Comprof1 Take-away:Conferences can be helpful for adjuncts in different ways. Can be a personal and professional decision. #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 17:00:54
@Comprof1 @melovell Seems strange to hear that since I’m just about to start dinner! #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 17:01:39
@fabianbanga Thanks everybody / #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 17:01:45
@Melissa_Venable Thanks everyone! Have a good week. 🙂 #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 17:01:58
@Comprof1 Don’t forget next week we’ll have guest facilitators who have filmed interviews with adjuncts (just down the street from me!). #AdjunctChat 11/5/2013 17:03:04
@Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer I wonder if you have more opportunities due to your location near NYC than those of us in more provincial cities #adjunctchat 11/5/2013 17:04:29