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#AdjunctChat Topic Apr 22 ~ What have Unions Accomplished for Adjunct Faculty? (with @JeffreyKeefer and @fabianbanga)

Twitter_ChatThe topic for the #AdjunctChat on Tuesday, April 22 is:

What have Unions Accomplished for Adjunct Faculty?

The chat will be facilitated by Jeffrey Keefer @JeffreyKeefer and Fabián Banga @fabianbanga.

There is a lot of talk about adjunct faculty and how they are treated in higher education, with many pointing to the role of unions in helping to support, protect, and lobby on behalf of the rights of the contingent population. With all this discussion, one has to wonder how much have adjunct unions accomplished, especially as unions surfaced and rose to prominence with physical laborers and not with knowledge workers such as university faculty?

This #AdjunctChat will focus on this issue, and discuss the following questions:

Q1 Are you a member of a union that supports adjuncts?

Q2 Who is eligible / required to be a member of this union?

Q3 What have you gained from the union activities?

Q4 What have you contributed to the union activities?

Q5 What do you envision is the future role of unions for adjunct knowledge workers?

All are welcome to #AdjunctChat on Tuesday, April 22, from 4:00-5:00pm EDT.