Open #AdjunctChat Tues, Sept 23 – “How to be Heard?”

Let’s try something new for today’s #AdjunctChat, let’s have it open and us facilitated throughout the day, and see how the discussion occurs!

Want to see how we can have a conversation about raising adjunct issues to those who may not be open to them? How can we have a conversation, or raise awareness, of justice issues in a way that fosters discussion, or at least listening, by those who have other agenda?

“How can we raise issues of adjunct justice in alternate ways to be heard?”  #AdjunctChat

Share your thoughts about this and tag with #AdjunctChat

3 thoughts on “Open #AdjunctChat Tues, Sept 23 – “How to be Heard?”

  1. Andrew

    Attempting to get my job made permanent, and hence, according to University policy, threatening a tenure track position, has certainly attracted attention from the department. Not in a good way.

  2. zombiedad2012

    I think there needs to be an honest dialog centered around the fact that the new standard for educational positions is the contract adjunct at most universities. If you look at the job postings universities are paying well below minimum wage for these positions with no benefits. Personally I don’t see much choice other then forming a professional union and go through the dirty process of getting it reconized to put pressure on universities to start covering the gap. Just my two cents.


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