#AdjunctChat Topic Mar 25 ~ Help Draft We Are Not Contingent: An Adjunct Manifesto (with @whowewilltobe @fabianbanga @JeffreyKeefer)

Twitter_ChatThe topic for the #AdjunctChat on Tuesday, March 25 is:

What are your demands? Help draft We Are Not Contingent: An Adjunct Manifesto.

The chat will be facilitated by @whowewilltobe @fabianbanga and @JeffreyKeefer.

Are you an adjunct or contingent faculty and feel you need more of a formalized voice? Come join us as we discuss and collaborate on WE ARE NOT CONTINGENT: An Adjunct Manifesto.

Take a look at the document in Google Docs before the session, and let’s discuss what we need and what we can do about it! Some questions to get us started include:

Q1: What do you demand as an adjunct / non-TT worker? #AdjunctChat
Q2: How can these demands be inclusive for all adjuncts / NonTT workers? #AdjunctChat
Q3: How can we open the struggle to include demands for our allies, the students, and workers, too? #AdjunctChat
Q4: How can we promote solidarity amongs all campus workers? #AdjunctChat
Q5: Who is our audience? The choir or people unfamiliar with our struggle? #AdjunctChat
Q6: Is your work environment hostile to #Adjuncts? #AdjunctChat
Q7: Do you have a Union? #AdjunctChat
Q8: Are #adjunct instructors/professors part of your campus Senate? #AdjunctChat
Q9: Do you have a contract? Do you have a preferred hiring pool or SOE? #AdjunctChat

All are welcome to #AdjunctChat on Tuesday, March 25, from 4:00-5:00pm EDT.

4 thoughts on “#AdjunctChat Topic Mar 25 ~ Help Draft We Are Not Contingent: An Adjunct Manifesto (with @whowewilltobe @fabianbanga @JeffreyKeefer)

  1. RCB

    Am I part of this? I’l definitely be there, brother. Just trying to get a handle on today’s schedule. Peace. 🙂

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