AdjunctChat Topic on 10/29 – What do we know?

The topic for today’s AdjunctChat is:

What do we really know about being an adjunct in HE?

Many of us who are adjunct faculty in higher education know about our own experiences, but we know little beyond that (hey, we work alone much of the time with our classes!). Given the growth of the adjunct population, perhaps now is a time to consider what we know about the adjunct experience. These lead to research questions that may be worth discussing, not so much to answer here, but to consider a potential road map for next steps.

  • What are our issues / questions?
  • What have we done to answer them?
  • How can we create an agenda to move this forward?

We hope to ask questions here and organize some of our thinking, with the next steps seeing what we can do about all this. We hope you can join us.


4 thoughts on “AdjunctChat Topic on 10/29 – What do we know?

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