#AdjunctChat = Today (Tues – 10/15 – 4:00-4:30pm EDT)

Twitter_ChatToday’s #AdjunctChat will be the first one with some of the format changes we have been talking about

  • We are going back to our original home on Tuesdays at 4:00pm EDT
  • We will meet for 30 minutes and not 60

With this said, today’s topic will be:

What needs can #AdjunctChat fulfill? What can we do to improve it?


Let’s adapt this topic depending on how well it goes and unless anything more pressing comes up.

All adjunct / part-time / non-permanent / temporary / sessional / non-tenured higher education faculty are welcome (along with their allies!!). Please forward this to anybody you think will be interested in it!

1 thought on “#AdjunctChat = Today (Tues – 10/15 – 4:00-4:30pm EDT)

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