Ideas for #AdjunctChat’s Next Steps

small_ideaSome of our recent #AdjunctChat chats have been a bit limited, and while this may be due to semester scheduling, areas of discussion, the processes for selecting discussion topics, world events, the flu, and a myriad of other reasons, one thing above all calls for it to be a topic of discussion–what viable options exist for it to continue?

I started #AdjunctChat as an opportunity for adjunct instructors to come together at a set time to discuss areas of shared interest and resources, due in large part because I had a need for such a community. While many of my needs were met, along with those of some participants over the period, recently it seems there has been less interest in it happening in a formalized manner (perhaps because the issue is becoming more of an official topic / issue / problem in higher education itself) or people have been busy, etc. With this said, I am wondering what ongoing needs it may have or if it fills a void in anybody’s ongoing development and adjunct teaching work. In other words, shall we continue it?

I recently reached out to a number of people who have engaged with it before, and will see what the larger community wants or needs. Perhaps 30 minutes weekly would be easier than 60 minutes biweekly? Let’s see if 4:00-4:30pm EDT on Tuesdays would work. Feedback is really requested on this one.

One thing is certain from this experience; I have learned a lot about how these things work, along with meeting many really wonderful and interesting people along the way. Glad at least I can find some value in all this, especially as it is a voluntary contribution in time and resources that are on top of my work and teaching and studies. Feedback and suggestions are most welcome, either here or via Twitter.

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