Topic for #AdjunctChat on Sept 5, 4:00pm EDT

Twitter_ChatAfter a close tie between 2 different topics, let’s do the one that is most timely. The topic for our next #AdjunctChat on Thursday, September 5, at 4:00pm EDT will be:

How do you manage adjunct time commitments (prep time, students, family, other work, etc.)?


This will be the format we can try to follow for this chat. Please reply if you have any suggestions for editing these or send me a Tweet for feedback on them before the chat itself:

  • Announce the chat topic
  • Welcome and Introductions (who, where and what you adjunct)
  • Ask questions / responses — Q1: / A1: , Q2 / A2: , etc.

Q1: How much time do you need to plan for a course new to you?
Q2: How much time do you need to plan for a course you have taught before?
Q3: How do you plan for each class session?
Q4: What strategies / successes do you use to manage this one course with everything else you do?
Q5: Do you feel you spend more time with a course than you get paid for “officially” doing?
Q6: Does anybody have any adjunct time management tips to share?

  • Closure / take-aways / next steps
  • Announce the next chat date and time
  • Invite topic suggestions for the next chat’s poll

Please send this information to anybody you think will be interested in it!

2 thoughts on “Topic for #AdjunctChat on Sept 5, 4:00pm EDT

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